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Social Services - Children and family.

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Social services is made up of a number of departments: Older people Mental health problems People with disabilities (learning and physical problems) Children and family welfare These specialist teams are made up of a number of field social workers who provide social work services to people with certain needs. Social services are provided at the local level through local authorities. Maidstone children and families specialist team. In different areas of the country, teams are called different names depending on how they are organised. E.g.- Children in need, long tern team and duty assessment team. In Maidstone, there are two main teams. One is called duty assessment team, and the second is called long term team. Children act 1989 The children act 1989 is the main law influencing statutory social care services for children. This law places a responsibility on social services departments to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in need. For example, social services departments must provide child protection services, services for children under five and somewhere to live for children who are unable to live with their families. Duty assessment team. - To help children and families who are in difficulty. They have a team manager, two senior practitioners, a number of social workers and a number of admin staff. ...read more.


Both teams are responsible for children on the child protection order. (The child protection register is a list of children whose welfare and safety are felt to be at risk. It is compiled and, managed by local authority social services department.) Both teams are allocated a budget from central government to the local authority and the money is divided amongst all different services upto individual managers of each team to manage their budget for their own team. Both teams are responsible for child protection and related court orders. The duty to investigate. Child Protection and related court orders. The local authority has the duty to investigate where a child in their area is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and to decide on action to safeguard or promote the child's welfare (section 47). The court may also order the local authorities to investigate the child's circumstances. E.g.- If there is a phone call received from a school by social services to say that a five-year-old boy named Tom has a black eye and fingerprint bruising on his face. As a result, social services would have the duty to investigate how it occurred and who was responsible. They would have to carry out an emergency protection order and social services can apply for a court order. ...read more.


He would need to be referred to a drug management class and I think a councillor for his anger would be best so he could talk about his problems as well as learn how to control anger. There would also need to be contact with parents and any siblings. An education supervisor would have to be placed to advise and help him at school Daniel may not be able to get a foster placement for his age group, or there may only be one for far away. He may also refuse to go to drug management or refuse to talk to the councillor. If he is placed in a foster home, he may not like his foster parents, and may make things difficult for them as a result of his anger. Or his foster parents may not be able to cope with him whilst he comes of drugs as his behaviour and attitude would be bad. Or he may not want or be able to come of drugs, so foster parents may not be able to cope with his drug related problems (i.e.- Stealing, overdosing). His school may refuse to have him as he has a drug problem, or he might be difficult at school and continue to truant. Prioritise work- Safety of a child= highest Lunch = lowest Arranging home visits to families and children Attend meetings Telephone to clients and other professionals Report writing and administration ...read more.

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