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Summary of questionnaire

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I have changed my clients name so I can maintain the confidentiality I am required to keep. My clients name has been changed to 'Ms X'. I have collected background information in my client so I can identify different positive and negative aspects of their health. I have identified that my client is a 42 year old female. She is five foot five inches in height and she is ten stone in weight, this makes her bmi 21.5 which puts her into the normal category. She lives in a suburb, Warren Hill, Nottingham. She likes where she lives but there are some negative factors about her area, such as; it is not very close to local amenities and the bus service could be better. ...read more.


My client claims she is a light smoker and mainly smokes roll ups when at home but normal cigarettes when out. My client is aware of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. My client does drink occasionally; and hardly ever drinks excessive amounts or goes over her recommended amount of alcohol units per week. When she does drink she generally drinks sprits such as vodka and southern comfort. My client feels that she has a healthy balanced diet a majority of the time and usually has her five fruit and vegetables a day. She takes Echinacea as a dietary supplement. She doesn't have high cholesterol, blood pressure, salt or fat intake, but does eat a lot of red meat. ...read more.


In Ms X's leisure time she enjoys to read, watch television, shop and socialise. She generally only gets change to socialise once a week as she has a busy lifestyle and therefore rates her social life as poor. She enjoys spending time with friends and family. My client feels she maintains good support relationships in her life. Her relationship status is single and she has one child that is fifteen years old. My client rates her mental health as a seven out of ten. She regularly undergoes dental checkups. She brushes her teeth twice daily and has a bath or shower at least five times a week. Four factors Mrs X has identified that she would want to change about her lifestyle are to stop smoking, do more exercise, have a better diet and have a better social life. ...read more.

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