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Sun stricken

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Sun stricken Excitement overtook me when I found out I was going to have a baby sister. The thing I found peculiar though was that I was strictly not allowed to tell a soul. It's odd because my parents weren't over pleased about having a baby, however that didn't matter I was going a sister within a few months. But after restless days and nights thinking about it, it did matter. My parent's excuse was that they didn't want all the fuss, and people talking. But surely people would know as soon as her tummy got bigger. When Mum finally realized this she stopped going outside altogether and stayed in bed all the time. When Eliza was born something wasn't right she didn't quite look normal. ...read more.


So I went to bed that night utterly satisfied. A few days later Eliza was diagnosed (by my Dad) with photosensitivity. I was crushed, perhaps being disabled wasn't as shocking compared to this. So as well as not being able to walk Eliza wasn't allowed to be in direct contact with light. Was she for her whole life going to be trapped in this house? All day every day blinds were pulled down to their maxim letting in no daylight while baby Eliza just lay there gurgling and smiling, without knowing a trouble in the world. My parents were forever irate. Snapping when I asked questions about when Eliza could go outside and see all the things normal babies saw. Its like they were hiding something and feeling guilty from it. ...read more.


Until one day I came home to a nearly empty house the only person there was Eliza. She was lying on the floor out of her wheelchair clutching a single note it read: Dear Eliza and Amalia We have not been entirely truthful to you both. We knew it would be complicated managing a disabled child. We have always been well-respected people and therefore could not let word get out that we had produced an unusual child. As time wore on we knew not letting Eliza outside had been the wrong decision but there was nothing we could do about it. So we have made a fresh start. Aunty and Uncle will take care of you. Never come looking for us. From Mum and Dad xxx P.S We're sorry it ever came to this. Eliza was 13 when that happened to us and the next thing we did after the letter was go out into the cool summers day. ...read more.

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