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Support for communication needs There are a range of services that may assist people to communicate or help to remove the barriers to effective communication- these can be support services, different languages or technology.

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D1- Support for communication needs There are a range of services that may assist people to communicate or help to remove the barriers to effective communication- these can be support services, different languages or technology. All these can provide people with what they need to help them feel more comfortable in a situation and give them the ability to communicate with others. Support services are things like Advocates. Advocates is applied in situation when people have a very serious learning disability or illness for example dementia, so it's not possible to communicate with them, so an advocate is someone who speaks for someone else. Advocates often make sure that people's needs are not overlooked but it is not straightforward; some volunteers may not always understand the feelings and needs of the people for whom they are advocating, so this would enable them to do their job for communicating for them, also its could take a long time for the volunteer to get to know their patient well enough for them to be sure they are truly understanding the needs and wants of their patient. The positive to this though is that it gives those not possible to communicate a chance to get the feelings across out loud, it gets them heard, and they know that they have someone who understands them. ...read more.


Many psychologist work in other areas of human behaviours for instance educational psychologist work in the field of learning and human development, while occupational psychologist focus on human behaviour with a work setting. The advantages to psychologists is that they reduce emotional problems that restrict communication. The disadvantages are that they cost a lot of money. Mentors, they are usually people who are highly experienced in a particular job or activity; they advise those who are new to the activity or less experienced. If a person if referred to as a mentor, it might be assumed that they will provide guidance based on their experience and knowledge of an issue. A disadvantage to mentors is the lack of them; there are a small number of mentors around and with there being such a small amount that means there is a lack of time to be with your mentor. Also another disadvantage to mentoring is personality incompatibility, or power- mongering mentors, and situations where mentors could feel resentful towards the mentee and possibly judgemental. Advantages to mentoring are quicker learning curves for the mentee, increased loyalty, and increased communication and team sprit. Befrienders seek to create a supportive relationship with others. This kind of support service will work as if he or she is a friend to a patient. A befriender will have good communication skills that enable them to listen to, and build an understanding of, a service user's views and feelings, but they will no be assumed to have any particular psychological knowledge. ...read more.


The disadvantages are there is little research specific to the success of using Makaton with children with autism, and the child needs to have some social, imitative, and communicative intent before communication can develop. Another preferred language is Braille. Braille provides a system of written communication based on the sense of touch for people who have limited vision. Braille has many advantages for those who can read it. It is portable, writeable as well as readable promotes literacy by exposing readers to the written rather than spoken word. The disadvantages to Braille would be the expense, for things like a Braille keyboard and printer it would cost a lot more money because its Braille. There is a lot of technology available to help assist people to communicate easily; things like hearing aids which have many advantages, such as greater affordability, greater flexibility & accessibility for repairs, easier maintenance for those with severe hearing loss, may be greater ease in discriminating of low frequency sounds. Disadvantages are limited hearing assistance in high frequency range, and loud noises are bothersome for those using linear amplification. There is also IT software to enhance the display which makes it easier for people to read things on a computer so that way it gives the people with limited eye sight the ability to communicate using another form of communication. There are a lot of other forms of technology to help people with speaking difficulties, also hearing and visual disabilities. ...read more.

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