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Taking Care of Your Teeth

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In past generations, people used to resign themselves to the fact that they might outlive their teeth. Adults today use established techniques to maintain dental health, but actually face two concerns: whether their teeth are healthy and how their teeth look. Attractive, whiter teeth lend a more youthful appearance to a person's face. Stains in Tooth Layers At the center of each tooth, its pulp holds the nerves and the blood supply. ...read more.


Stain Causes If you notice that your teeth seem to be staining, pay attention to a few factors. Dark beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and some sodas will often stain the teeth. Smoking causes a dreaded yellow tint. If you're noticing a gray tint, you may be brushing too hard; a hard brush or abrasive toothpaste can thin the enamel. Finally, expect a bit of a color change as you age. ...read more.


If you brush at least twice daily for two minutes per session, you will see the impact of your greater brushing efforts. You also can take advantage of one of the many home whitening kits now available. Some work better than others, so ask your dentist to recommend the best kit for your situation. At the Dentist Dentists- especially those that specialize in cosmetic dentistry- can use a variety of techniques to make your pearlies more white. The most affordable techniques involve bleaching and laser treatments, while applying tooth veneers and bonding can help correct both color and shape problems. ...read more.

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