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Teaching Grammar As A Parent

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Michele Schreffler Mr. Jewell Fundamental English 36001 12/10/02 Teaching Grammar As A Parent As a parent how do you teach grammar? Children learn from their parents; what they do and how they do it. Of course, children learn from their teachers, as well as, other children. But most of all, children learn from their everyday surroundings and environment. Some parents think that once their children are in school, they can relax and let the education system take charge. But this is not the case at all. Based on my own experience, my husband and I have had an even greater influence on our children's academic results than the school system. Most of a child's capacity to communicate, to describe to teachers and peers and their feelings towards learning, is formed at home. Parents can help give their children an advantage and begin their education at home, even before they start school. Can children learn grammar from just writing their own words? Or is it best to drill and drill, then test their skill, and drill again and test again on just grammar? Which way is best in developing grammar? If you think the education system will do it all, think again. The parents of today need to be prepared, motivated, and of course, confident to help their children succeed. How do we prepare our children? ...read more.


(XV, XVI) As you can see, this is not an easy task and will not be a hop, skip, and a jump to achieve. Is it better for a child to only practice grammar? The definition of grammar is the study of words, their function, meaning and relation in a sentence. Basically, rules that governs the English language. According to Benjamin Ludwig, building a strong foundation is a good beginning for your child to succeed and to become an excellent communicator. In addition, having the ability to understand and compose a given piece of writing. Knowing the basics, what is a noun, a verb, an adjective, and an adverb can get them started. Of course, as the child gets older, different items can be added, such as, the six basic sentence structures. These include: subject and verb; subject, verb and predicate nominative; subject, verb and predicate adjective; subject, verb and direct object; subject, verb, indirect object and direct object; and subject, verb, direct object and object compliment. Of course, this takes years of practice in school and out. This goes back to drilling and testing your skills. This can play an important part in building and giving your child the academic edge. Even though there is no evidence that learning grammar will make your child a better reader or writer, understanding grammar will improve your child's comprehension of the world and how it operates. ...read more.


At that point, I attended a special class for grammar, writing and spelling. This class was known as the dumb class, which caused another problem. In this class, we started from the beginning and started to learn more about grammar in general, such as simple sentence structure, in addition, to learning and memorizing the skills in grammar. This did help, however, there was so much more to learn. But, I had improved my ability to write and understand a paragraph that was written by myself. I believe, this has caused a struggle my whole life with reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. Again, every child is different. But my beliefs are from my experience, not experiments of other children and documented research. As a parent today, I have done the total opposite of my parents, with the help of my husband and with teachers in the Twinsburg school system. All in all, the parents of today need to be prepared, motivated, and of course; confident to help their children succeed. Learning is different for each and every child but reading, and more reading to children at an early age can give them a head start in school. So learning grammar for one child might be different than another. As you can see, giving each child the individual attention he or she needs will determine which way is best in developing grammar as a parent. Of course, one method might work on one child and not the other; a combination of different methods might be the solution. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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