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Tear Fund Project

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Tear Fund do the work they do because they want to help people that are in need just like Jesus have been doing all those centuries ago. They help people in the poorer countries by "providing medicines, medical care or caring for patients themselves". Tear Fund doesn't just use words to show that they care and think about peoples' sufferings but they also back it up by their actions. For Christians it is essential to act as well as preach about the good things, and help people in practical ways that gives an example of what other people should do and follow. There are many hungry people out there that have been left like that due to famines and other problems. Tear Fund helps them to get fed by bringing food to the parts of country that need it. Even if there isn't enough food to give big portions it is still something to at least keep them alive. ...read more.


Helping people in difficult situations goes a long way and when you are in need someone will help you like you have once done yourself. Tear Fund finds sponsors for children that are the neediest in the community. The children are usually the ones that don't even have the basics of food, clothes and healthcare. A sponsor is given a child that they support by sending them money each months to help them with their education and the basics for survival. The sponsor and the child are able to write to each other and the sponsor gets a picture of the child they are supporting. They also get reports from schools to show them how the child is progressing with their help. Usually when the child grows up they end up helping the rest of their community by providing some sort of service. To raise money, Tear Fund makes adverts and posters to get the public's attention. ...read more.


Before they start to drill the men pray and after they start their job. When they hit water it comes gushing out and then a pump is inserted for the clean water to become available. If there isn't enough clean water for everybody, problems could arise. The wealthier people might try to control the water supply and deprive poorer people of water. Another problem could be that the well is too far away and the children and young parents are getting too worked out because of the walk they have to make there and back. Tearcraft is a magazine with all the works of the Third world country's people. The aim is not just to sell the products but supply jobs for the people that can't find anywhere they are. This is usually for the skilled craftsmen and women that make things like carpets etc. Tearcraft supports a range of small cottage industries by marketing their products in the U.K. the groups that produce the crafts are linked with the church, ensuring that the workers get a fair wage as well as the distributors. ...read more.

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