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Teenagers and health

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´╗┐Essay on Health Adequate health can be considered the basis of an enjoyable life. In the early stages of adolescent development, teenagers should put forth an effort to eat a healthy diet of various foods and exercise regularly. Starting at this key point in life ensures a start towards good health in the years to follow. In those years to follow, good health will be the most priceless thing to have, even if you happen to loose decent financial status. It is said, and accepted as a fact, that if you take care of your body at a young age, many health-associated problems can be avoided later in life. Not all complications can be avoided, such as certain kinds that are hereditary in one's family. Proper nutrition and an occasional workout can help in the prevention of the non-hereditary health problems such as, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. ...read more.


The new rearranged version could read that as long as you have your health, everything else does not matter. This of which can be reasoned true by many. As you can see, health is very important and often overlooked by many. One's health is priceless and can not be compared to anything, especially money. Motivation set by the elderly would also agree that good health is the greatest thing to have when all else is lost. All of these reasons and more are stressed now more than ever because of conducted health studies that show the importance to start to take care of one's body at an early age. Biggest Health Risk for Teenagers The largest, most concerning health risks teenagers face during this present time period are areas concerning smoking and other drug related health problems. Smoking is the largest cause of unnatural drug related deaths, primarily cigarette use?the second largest cause of drug related deaths are alcohol related. ...read more.


This being said, alcohol can destroy your liver and your physical health. The adolescent brain is also not fully developed; drinking alcohol can diminish the amount of brain cells you have, especially in a brain that isn?t fully developed. Drug use can also lead to poor decision making, wasteful spending and even death in some cases. Teenagers have been prone to overdose on drugs like heroin, cocaine and pills. Based on these facts it is important that teenagers develop good health habits early before they grow up and become adults. If drugs such as tobacco and alcohol are avoided it could mean a long life with good health will beset the individual in the future. Such provisions to diet and disciplining one?s individual self to not take drugs can provide adequate health benefits in the future. The biggest health risks teenagers face are the regular use of drugs such as tobacco, alcohol and hard drugs?if these are avoided during teenage years teenagers wouldn?t experience many health risks related to these drugs. ...read more.

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