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The aim of this project is to design a child's slide. There are certain aspects that need to be considered when choosing a suitable design.

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Mechanics Coursework Aim The aim of this project is to design a child's slide. There are certain aspects that need to be considered when choosing a suitable design. The main considerations will be the safety of the child when using the slide, the excitement and fun the child can have on the slide, the cost of the slide and also the materials used to make the slide. The slide will consist of a straight slide and a run off area (see diagram below) with the angle of elevation, the height of the slide, length of the slide and run off area to be determined. The slide should be long enough and be elevated to a steep enough angle to accelerate the child to an enjoyable but safe speed. Also the run off are needs to be long enough for the child to come to a complete stop. Assumptions * Take g to equal 9.8 ms-2. This will help to improve the accuracy of the design. * The acceleration due to gravity is constant. * The person using the slide experiences no air resistance * The person acts as a particle * Mass of the child is not required because it doesn't effect the value of � (for example the value of � of an object that weighs 10kg is the same as an object that weighs 15kg). ...read more.


I will be using this metal because it has a high strength to weight ratio, its light and also it is corrosion resistant. I will then use the values I obtain to obtain a value for the angle using basic trigonometry. The height will be the opposite and the length will be the adjacent. Therefore the angle will equal Tan-1(Opposite/Adjacent). I will use my local park slide to determine a value for � because I assume that the park slide will have taken into consideration the different values of � when different materials are on the slide and therefore they must have picked a suitable value for � (most likely to be the lowest value). Results obtained form Local Park Height 2.08 Length 6.39 Angle (�) 18.03 WSin� 0.309514924 WCos� 0.950894585 The Coefficient of friction (�) 0.32 Using these results I calculated the coefficient of friction to be 0.32 (2dp). I will use this as my value for � for my model. Selecting a suitable speed When selecting a suitable speed, considerations such as weather it will be a safe speed for a child to travel at and will the speed be enjoyable for the child need to be made. ...read more.


g x H x L x (Sin� - 0.3Cos�) =V V=4ms-1 9.8 x 2.10xL(Sin� - 0.3Cos�) = 4 =42 = 20.58L(Sin� - 0.3Cos�) 16 20.58(Sin� - 0.3Cos�) (Sin�=Opposite/Adjacent (2.1/L) & Cos�=Adjacent/Hypotenuse(?((L2 2.12)/L) 0.777453838 2.1/L - 0.32(?((L2 2.12)/L) =0.777453838= L((2.1/L)- 0.32(?((L2 2.12)/L) =0.777453838= 2.1- 0.32L ?L2 2.12 L =0.777453838= 2.1 - 0.32?(L2 - 2.12) = 0.777453838 - 2.1 -0.32 = 0.777453838 - 2.1 -0.32 = L = 4.64. Therefore the length of the slide = 4.64m This graph shows that a slide with height 2.1m has a final speed of 4ms-1 when �=26.91? and the slide length equals 4.64m.(also see calculations above). Calculating The Run Off Area. To calculate the run off area the run off area the acceleration (Value is negative because the child is slowing down) of the child needs to be found. This can be done using the following formulas: -f 0 0 a 0 R -Mg 0 F=-Ma F=�R R=Mg �=0.32 0.32Mg = -aM (This is why the mass of the child is not needed because the masses cancel out of the equation) ?a=-0.32g Now that the acceleration has been worked out it can be substituted into the following formula to work out the run off area. V2 = U2 + 2as V=Final Velocity U=Initial Velocity a=Acceleration s=Displacement =02=42 + 2x0.32gxs =-16=-6.272s ?s=2.55m Final Design ...read more.

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