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The Animals of Farthing Wood - review

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  • Essay length: 2087 words
  • Submitted: 13/01/2005
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GCSE Child Development

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The Animals of Farthing Wood

This book has been written as a source of enjoyment, for children to read. The pragmatics behind the book and how it is written is that it aids children to learn to read and understand how to handle reading a slightly more advanced reading book (for ages 5 to 7). It also helps the child how to learn to follow what is written down on a page, reading the words from left to write, to the end of the line, and then to the beginning of a new line - it helps develop familiarity with story structures and conventions. It also builds vocabulary and literary discourse at an appropriate level for the age group. These are essential skills for children to have when reading in the future, so must be taught to them at an early age.

By naturally engaging the child in an interactive activity - reading the book with a parent or carer, this can give them social skills - interaction and understanding of events with people around them or familiar to them, and even new people. This can then be taken on into older stages in their

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