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The care that is needed for babies 0-1year olds is: Regular feeding for growth and development Nappy changing to keep them clean and comfortable Stimulation to help them develop intellectually

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The care that is needed for babies 0-1year olds is: * Regular feeding for growth and development * Nappy changing to keep them clean and comfortable * Stimulation to help them develop intellectually * Affection to make them feel safe * Sleeping to recharge their energy levels * Personal hygiene to prevent illnesses by bathing them, wiping away dirt etc... * Medical issues to make sure they are fit and healthy by taking them to the doctors if you think there is something wrong with them. * Dressing them into clean clothes * Warmth either too hot or too cold you have to be able to work it out because they can't tell you themselves * Shelter from the rain, snow wind and even sun if it's hot. * Security by looking after them by making sure there are no sharp objects for them to hurt themselves on. * Safety being looked after The care that is needed for a 1-3 year old is: * Nappy changing and to start to try and train them to start using a potty or the toilet * Sleep routine needs to be brought in * Stimulation to start to make the children talk and communicate with others * Affection needs to be shown to the child for them to feel loved and happy in a home * Personal hygiene to start to look after there teeth cleaning and to try and make them start to enjoy bath time more by making it fun by putting toys in with them. ...read more.


a slice of toast with veggie mite on and a glass of milk or orange juice A small glass of juice Sandwich which doesn't contain meat contents with a piece of fruit and a drink Drink if needed and a plain biscuit Mash potatoes and vegetables and a meat replacement and a drink Reduced sugar angle delight Glass of milk and a biscuit Nutrition and feeding 6 month old baby I decided to choose this diet for the 6 month old baby because the baby needs a good diet which contains lots of nutrients and vitamins because they need them to help them to grow properly and to help them fight infections when they get them. They need to drink lots of milk and fluid to stop them from getting dehydrated so that's why I would give them a drink every 2 hours. I also decided to give them food every 4 hours to stop them from getting hungry. I choose to use Heinz baby food because its one of the most popular foods which is used for the babies at that age. The milk given to the baby will help his/hers bones and teeth grow strong. 2 year old child I decided to give this diet for the 2 year old because they also need lots of food with nutrients and vitamins in because their bones are growing more and they also need it to help them to keep healthy and full of energy. ...read more.


to a set number of stars you should let them go shopping with you and let them choose out a toy or a sweet. They should also be taught how to brush their teeth themselves. They will need encouraging helping them to become more confident when doing these things. As the child starts to grow up and go to nursery they will need to start to be more independent and they also will have to start to develop social skills even know they will not realize they are doing this by talking to other children and playing with other children. As they start to go to school they should be able to go to the toilet by themselves and wash their hands after being. They should also be able to talk to other children and make friends. While they are at school there is also a set routine there so they will be eating at playing outside at set time so they will get used to that. But when they come home there should also still be following a routine so they know when its time to do their homework, have dinner, have a bath and brush their teeth. In conclusion it is very importuned to have a set routine for a child from when they are born to when they leave home because this will help to set them up for the future when they go to college and university and then go into employment. ...read more.

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