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The differences between the two stories “your shoes” and “the sons veto”.

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Wide Reading Assignment I am going to be discussing points on the differences between the two stories "your shoes" and "the sons veto". The story "your shoes" is about a woman who is grieving her daughter who has ran away after a row. "The sons veto" is about a child that refuses his widowed mother to marry her child hood sweet heart. In "your shoes" the story is set in the form of a letter, from mother to daughter. This makes your shoes a 1st person story where as "the sons veto" is a third person narration so it seems like you're looking in on the story, not playing the part of a character. ...read more.


In the sons veto the language used is very upper class and it uses a lot of correct English but in your shoes the language is archaic for example in "your shoes" line 4 it says "your not here any longer so how can I speak to you". But in "the sons veto" the writer uses very long sentences to describe what he sees, he also uses language that we would we would not use today. For example "her face was not easily describable, but the aforesaid cunning trees weavings, the white ear and poll, and the curve of a cheek which was nether neither flaccid nor swallow, were signals that lead to the expansion of good beauty in front." ...read more.


"The sons veto" starts with a description of Sophie and then goes back to her early life and then continues chronologically until her death. In both stories the child has the power over there parents. In "your shoes" the child has power because the child has ran away and is calling the shots, the mother is also feeling guilty. In "the sons veto" the child has the control because his father is dead so he is the man of the house. All in all these two stories are much the same but are also totally different. The stories are about different things and use different language but different aspects of the two stories are similar. By Stuart Hooper ...read more.

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