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The Impact of HIV

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* The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the person's family The toll of HIV and AIDS on households can be very harsh. The presence of AIDS causes the household to dissolve and strips families of their assets and income earners. Individuals who would provide a household with income are prevented because they are ill with AIDS or because they are caring for their sick family members. This causes repercussions for every member of the family. Children may be forced to abandon their education and in some cases women may be forced to turn to sex work (prostitution). This can lead to a higher risk of HIV transmission. ...read more.


The burden of coping results with women. Many families have to care for their sick children and are often left to look after orphaned grandchildren. Due to the amount of time spent caring for dependants, people may become isolated from their peers. Family deaths lead to despair and marriage breakdowns. Sex partners within the family may be at risk from their partner. Children may also suffer from economic constraints as the household provider becomes sick, can't work and loses their job. The responsibility of earning money and providing food is left to the children. They often go hungry, become malnourished and become unable to concentrate. ...read more.


Community members often make judgements about the need to use condoms based on a moralistic argument- e.g. "this person is 'good' so there is no need to use a condom," or "this person is a prostitute, therefore 'bad', so we'd better use a condom." In many communities, there are members who force head masters of local schools to expel children from families affected by AIDS from the school. AIDS orphans are often ignored by community members as they often require extra care and more expensive facilities. Increased poverty and inequality may encourage conflict and an increased dependence on criminal activities in the community. HIV/AIDS can impact heavily on the police and military, which are at high risk of infection and this, may limit their ability to preserve stability. 508 ...read more.

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