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The Man - creative writing.

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The Man By Michael Johnson As Sarah carefully ground the white substance into a fine powder she thought about her painful life. Tears streamed down her soft pale cheeks and fell, pooling in shimmering puddles on the dirty Formica bench. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, the knowledge of committing this crime, a crime that she knew, would send her to prison for the rest of her life petrified her but she knew that a lifetime incarcerated would be better than her existence here. The sound of truck tyres on gravel outside made her straighten her bruised and weary body and face her fate. The man had arrived. She vigorously scrubbed her hands clean, placed the mortar in the cupboard above her head (which she knew he would never venture) and slipped the pestle into her pocket. ...read more.


Inside this fragile abode lived once an innocent young girl but whom now, at the tender age of 14, was making the decision to end a life. Sarah was filled with hatred, she felt betrayed, confused, like the man didn't love her. Even though this man had showed her the most tormented and twisted love for years, it was only now that the unconditional love she had felt for him was gone, and in its place the void was quickly filled with hate. That night Sarah prepared the man's meal as she did every evening, for as long as she could remember, but tonight was different, tonight the white substance, a drug she had stolen from the mans truck that was used to exterminate rodents, tonight would extinguish another vermin's life. It had been carefully and indistinctly mixed in with the mashed potato. ...read more.


Sarah stood poised and silent with her fingers tightly grasped around the pestle ready to bring it down on the back of his head as she watched the man take his final gasp. The clock ticked loudly on the mantel as Sarah stood staring, satisfied that she had found a solution for her problems, but deep within regret and remorse had already begun to eat away at her judgement. She bent down and placed the back of her hand against his cheek and smirked. She slowly looked up and panned the room; everything was just as it was except now she was all alone. And then before she could control herself she was sobbing uncontrollably. Tears flowed freely as her body shook with relief. She had taken matters into her own hands and now stood over the body of the one that she had long since called Dad. ?? ?? ?? ?? Narrative - Belonging By Michael Johnson Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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