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The meaning of normal development means what is expected from that specific person at that certain age.

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The meaning of normal development means what is expected from that specific person at that certain age. For example, a child should know how to read at the age of five to six but it is a learning process so a child could learn to read small and limited words at the age three to four years, depending on the child's intellectual development. Delayed development could be expresses in this example as well, say the child did not know how to read limited and small words at the age of eight to nine years, this could be said this an example of delayed development, from an intellectual perspective. ...read more.


This will cause great social problems with people, how to communicate with people without learning primary socialisation as the first step of communication and interaction let alone secondary socialisation, which is where you take the next stage, E.G., starting school getting to know other faces, E.G., peers, communicate people from the outside. Normal development from a physical perspective could be said, for example, a child 0-5 years, most certain have learned all different skills such as locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills. The child learns these skills through certain age, for example 0-5; between these years the child learns to develop these skills, and the last age it is expected to know these skills rather well. ...read more.


The child is aware of these because it has been given affection, love and care from the family, E.G., the parents, learns values from needing emotional development. Normal development in emotional needs is met when we get enough of certain emotions and they are developed enough to understand other people's feelings and emotions. Delayed development from the emotional view, is that the child did not have enough or limited amount of affection, love and care from family or parents and was neglected from them. The child would have a limited amount of feelings and emotions from a love viewpoint. The child could turn out to be a problem that does not understand other people feelings. This could be referred of what emotional delayed development is. ...read more.

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