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The Power of Child Death.

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The Power of Child Death "From a proud tower in the town Death looks gigantically down." -Edgar Allan Poe This statement says that death stands out boldly in society. When parents go through the terrifying and devastating experience of the loss of a child they tend to feel looked down upon by the people in their town. They act as if they committed a heavy crime. They seem like murderers. In the book Rabbit, Run Rabbit's wife Janice while intoxicated accidentally drowns her baby. This devastation affected the whole family in different ways. This essay will discuss the different ways people in families react to the loss of a child. In the book Rabbit, Run Rabbit and Janice suffer due to the loss of their child. Thinking like an outsider in her town Janice says to Rabbit, "I can't stand to look at anyone except you. ...read more.


Eccles tells rabbit that "[they] must work for forgiveness; [they] must earn the right to see that thing behind everything" (240). Eccles believes that having a closer relationship with god will bring the best out of Rabbit. Eccles believes it will help Rabbit move on in life. As an outside source of mediation Eccles tells Rabbit that "marriage is a sacrament, and that this tragedy, terrible as it is, has at last united you and Janice in a sacred way" (240). Eccles tries to help the family recuperate after this loss. The death of his baby makes Rabbit turn to God for a normal life. Families in today's society reflect Janice and Rabbit when it comes to child loss. Lots of people in our society try to comfort the parents of a child whose life has passed away. The infant mortality rate has dropped since 1983 from 10.9 deaths per 1,000 babies to 7.2 deaths per 1,000 babies in the year 2000 (Bock). ...read more.


The child death review program offers help to those parents who find themselves in these devastating situations. These programs try to help the parents move on and live a normal life. I have never felt more sympathy for someone than when my aunt's baby passed away. I have never seen someone so affected by a death. My aunt's baby died due to sudden respiration problems. I talked to my aunt about the situation and I tried to comfort her as best as I could, just like how Eccles tried comforting Rabbit. There were times when she would cry for hours straight, pleading for forgiveness and acceptance from our relatives. She feels at fault for the baby's death. My aunt started going to church once or twice a week. Just like Rabbit she wanted to find forgiveness from God, which seems like a common reaction to losing a child. Moving on and not letting society get to oneself seems like the best direction to take when losing a child. ...read more.

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