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The Stages of intellectual development

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Intellectual development Child Care and Development by P.Minett says that intellectual development is 'the development of the mind'. The mind is the thinking part of the brain and is used for, understanding, knowing, reasoning and recognising. The mind develops as the child does, with learning new things like skills, to communicate, about things and about people, obtain more memories and more experience is gained. As all these aspects and skills are developed the child becomes more intelligent. However their genes and environment they are brought up in affects their intelligence. To encourage intellectual development the parents could help by communicating with the child and interacting with him (Child Care and Development by P.Minett) ...read more.


read * Position the child where he can see what's going on around him * Give him toys and objects which he can handle and investigate, which encourage him to concentrate * Allow him to practise new skills himself as soon he is ready * At the end of the first year, start to read to him, tell him stories and show pictures (Child Care and Development by P.Minett) It's good for children to ask questions because its gives them a better sense and understanding of the world and what's happening around them. Looking at books and pictures increases their awareness. ...read more.


For the best of the child adults should do many things which also include giving support and encouragement but making sure they do not disturb their play. Tell the Childs what's happening and let them help in what the activity is. And help them remember and predict. When the child gets older going to pre-schools gives them opportunities to develop their intellectual development even more. Conditions which could lead to a child's intellectual development being slowed down include: * Not letting the child get enough opportunities to talk and play * Nothing interesting to the child for him to do * Constant bullying * Deafness * Poor eyesight * Poor concentration * Illness * Missing school (Child Care and Development by P.Minett) Intellectual development is a very important stage in the development of a child ...read more.

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