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Three Different Approaches Looking At Possible Causes For the Suicide of Kurt Cobain.

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THREE DIFFERENT APPROACHES LOOKING AT POSSIBLE CAUSES FOR THE SUICIDE OF KURT COBAIN. Introduction Within this assignment I wish to look at the major issues and problems Kurt Cobain faced throughout childhood and into early adulthood. I wish to apply three relevant approaches to this article and hopefully show that they bare some resemblance to the problems he faced. Description of Article Within this article I wish to briefly look at some major factors of Kurt cobain, which influenced and affected his life and would later come to play a major role in his suicide. The major contributing factors I have found mostly stem from Kurt's childhood. With psychological approaches like those of Freud and Bowlby I hope to show how problems from Kurt's childhood and upbringing led to later problems in his life. Kurt's parents divorced at a crucial and early stage of his development, Kurt then lived with his mother and from many interviews I have read, never really recovered from this. From the article I am basing this assignment on I have been surprised to find how much damage a divorce at such an early stage in a child's development can have on a young individual. ...read more.


Application to Article: As I have just mentioned above, when fixated in the phallic state, the child will become in love with its mother and wish to have sex with her. In a typical nuclear family situation, that is given there is a mother; father and at least one child, in this case a male (Kurt). This stage in development given the typical family situation I have said, will usually be overcome as the presence of the father figure scares the child and the child will then follow its father around and learn from him in order to one day follow in his footsteps in finding a partner. However in Kurt's case the father figure left at the crucial stage in his development and so I feel he became fixated in the phallic state and this was a prime factor in his sexual and gender non-conformity throughout his life. With the loss of his father figure at such a crucial stage it is apparent why he would be described, and describe himself as "a sickly feminine person" and be unsure of what drove him sexually. I also feel that this theory bares resemblance to Kurt's choice of partner later on in his life. ...read more.


I feel that this explains the reasons for Kurt's behaviour and of his choices of relationships throughout his life. Bowlby's theories of development and of the effects of divorce on a child also bare resemblance to this article and I feel it explains a lot of the anguish Kurt had to deal with. Freud's theories on psychosexual development best fit this article and I feel it explains a great deal of Kurt's actions, decisions and choices. Given the word restriction for this article I feel I have put within the three approaches as much of my views and information as I could, but I wish to look at this in more depth and shall be concentrating on many of Freud's theories for this as this approach made the most sense in my opinion. Conclusion I have found answers for many questions I had from reading the article I have supplied for this assignment and I feel that the three approaches I have looked at show important factors in the early stages of development that Kurt's problems stemmed from. I feel they explain the serious impact of his parent's separation and of the importance of a male child's need for a dominant male role in his upbringing. ...read more.

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