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To what extent does research provide evidence that day care is beneficial for social and/or cognitive development.

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To what extent does research provide evidence that day care is beneficial for social and/or cognitive development. (18) There have been many psychological studies that have been carried out to show the effects of day care on children's cognitive and social development, both positive and negative. Andersson carried out a longitudinal study of over one hundred children aged between three and thirteen. He aimed to study the effects of day care on the cognitive development of children by assessing children from all different backgrounds and classes and assessing them at different ages (8 and 13) looking at the child's teachers ratings of their cognitive ability as well as results from IQ tests they carried out. He found that school performance and IQ was at a higher amount for children who had entered day care before the age of one, and the academic performance was lower for children who hadn't experienced day care at all in their child hood. ...read more.


It An example is Bryant's research shows that childminders need to stimulate the child's cognitive development. Another strength is that research suggests that day care is particularly valuable for children from deprived homes. This shows that research has helped us realise the way in which we can give deprived children a 'head start' so they are not so disadvantaged when they start school. However a weakness of this research into day care is it is difficult to generalise the results of research into day care because the effects depend on factors otrher than just whether the child is in day care or not. There could be many other variables connected to the success of a child at school, for esample if they were taught to read by their parents at an earlier age or not, or if their education was given more attention by their parents. Another weakness is there are a number of problems with the methodology involved in the studies of day care, such as day care ...read more.


Also, some of the studies, such as Belsky, have used the strange situation to measure social development, which is a weakness as the strange situation was created by a western researcher and will risk the possibility of its western views coming across in the findings collected, making a biased study. These weaknesses suggest that the results of day care research may be low on reliability. In contrast research by Bryant and Belsky suggests day care has negative, not positive, effects on development. For example Bryant found that about 25% of children were happy at the minders and at home. 37% were unnaturally quiet, passive and detached at the minders, but responsive at home. 37% were unresponsive in both environment, 25% of all the children were disturbed and had poor speech. He concluded that childminding can be successful if children are introduced slowly to their new environment, and if that environment is stimulating and affectionate. This suggests that not all the research supports the view that day care always has positive effects on development. ...read more.

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