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Toys help children to learn. Design and make a toy that would help in the development of an identified skill (or skills) for a pre-school child.

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Assessment Objective 1: Identify a need leading to a design brief (4) Task - Toys help children to learn. Design and make a toy that would help in the development of an identified skill (or skills) for a pre-school child. Identification needs - I know and understand that I will have to create and build a toy that would assist in the growth of education in for an infant. I am going to draw up some key words and write a paragraph about each topic - I am going to carry out a questionnaire and an interview, then analyse them to try and help me decide what toy to produce. PTO for questionnaire Questionnaire - 1. What age does your child/children fall into? 0 - 3 months 12 - 15 months 4 - 7 months 16 - 19 months 8 - 11 months 20 - 24 months 2. What sex is your child/children? Male Female 3. How much would you be willing to spend on a toy? �00.01 - �05.00 �10.01 - �15.00 �05.01 - �10.00 �15.01 + 4. ...read more.


Consequently if I used assorted range of colour then I would be appealing to almost double the amount of children than if I just used blue or pink. 3. The average amount that a parent of today's society is willing to spend on a toy is roughly �10. This has changed from many years ago because of people's increased spending power and the fact that parents are earning more than what they used to. This is due to many things, one of them being the fact that women nowadays work. This is because it has now become more acceptable for women to have paid jobs outside the home. Now I know that I can push my spending boundaries on making the product from �5 to �10 as parents nowadays, generally can afford more, and higher quality toys. 4. By this bar chart we can clearly see that the most popular time to buy a toy for a child between 0-4yrs old is a couple of times a month. This signifies that most parents buy their children toys every fortnight. ...read more.


Does your child have a favourite toy? If so please describe it... It is a doll called "Tiny Tears" It is an old second hand doll that was given to her. It has longish blonde hair moulded face, arms and legs. The body part is padded cotton material. I need to look in shops at the toys which are being sold because I might adapt an existing toy or generate ideas from them to make a new toy. I could send e-mails to current toy makers asking them about their toys. 27 Medway Gardens ELC Direct Sudbury Town Customer services Wembley Early Learning Centre Middlesex South Marston Park HA0 2RW Swindon SN3 4TJ Dear ELC, I am writing to ask if you could possibly send me information about your company and the manufacturing aspects of it. Yours Sincerely, Miss Colette McDonagh Shortly after I sent the email Early Learning Centre sent me an email back telling me my enquiry is being submitted and will shortly hear back from them... DESIGN BRIEF I KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE TO DESIGN AND MAKE A TOY FOR A PRE-SCHOOL CHILD FOR THEM TO BE ABLE TO LEARN NEW SKILLS Colette McDonagh ...read more.

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