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Uni 2 Section E Health and Social Care

Extracts from this document...


Section E Introduction In this section I am going to start of by asking my client further questions to help me focus on the main points. This will hopefully help me improve my client's health and well being. Further questions on my client * Have you felt unwell in the last month? Yes I have * If yes, what was wrong and how long did you feel unwell for? My body was in pain and it lasted for at least one week. I had flu and this also made me stop eating for a bit, for the food did not taste good at all. * What do you feel about your current height and weight? I feel that I am tall but my weight can improve * Have you cut down on cigarettes? Yes I have, I smoke 10 a day instead of 15 * How many times all together last month have you been to the gym? 4 times * Are you more or less comfortable with exercising in the last month? I am more confident I think * How many times did you go to the caf´┐Ż in the last month? Only once with my friends * Do you feel your intellectual status has improved? I feel that it has, I am more confident on looking for a job and making sure I get it * Have you had much sleep during the last month? I am sleeping more and stressing less * Are trying to keep a balanced diet? Yes I am trying to Conclusion To conclude this, I think my client has thought about his health and all the negative facts. I am pleased to note that he has cut down on smoking. He has been feeling unwell, that lasted for a week. I am impressed that he is trying to get his diet to be more balanced and therefore he is stressing a lot less and sleeps well. ...read more.


* Exercising will help Justin's physical status. * It's the long term that will improve Justin's life style as he would be concentrating more on how to get better. * The improvements of my client's lifestyle would make him happy. And he will feel more comfortable. He will be confident to go to the gym and exercise with out being afraid of being embarrassed. Alternative ways of improving Justin's health and well being Justin could:- * Go to cafes to help him not miss breakfast, as he misses breakfast a lot. This will have an impact on his emotional status. * To add fat or protein in his diet he could go to restaurants and choose something out of the menu which he prefers. * He could also join weight watchers which are a group that focuses on the clients weight problems, eating habits and type of exercises that she/he are doing at the moment. * For my client to get more sleep, so it can help him stress less he should go to bed earlier and try to go to sleep. If this does not work he could put on a movie and hopefully fall asleep by the end of it. * If my client feels that he does not want to go to the gym and try out new methods of exercises he could take up swimming. He might feel more comfortable. This will help him physically and emotionally. He could also join a club to help his social status. * For my client to stop or cut down on smoking he could read leaflets or watch programmes that gives information on why it is bad to smoke and how it can harm his body and other around him. This will make him think intellectually and hopefully challenge himself to give up. * For my client to start looking for a job he could ask his friends to look for jobs for him. ...read more.


My client has been getting more sleep and emotionally he is less stress and is not having mood swings. Go to bed early and get enough sleep everyday. Read books before you got to sleep. My client reads books before he goes to sleep to relax and get ready to go to sleep. Usually reading a book gets him in the mood to sleep otherwise he would not sleep. Emotionally he is avoiding being stress or moody the next day. Intellectually his brain is exercising as he will need to concentrate on the story of the book. He should read to his nieces and nephews while they stay over, this brings him closer to them. Long term targets How my client improved Future advice Put on 1lb per week. My client has put on weight and physically he is looking better than before, this is because he has been following the diet plan which makes sure that his diet is balanced. To carry on following the diet plan. Take your girlfriend out more often. He has failed to take her out twice a week, however he has proposed to her, which brings them closer. This is affecting him emotionally. Take her put more often and build up the relationship. Start looking for a job. My client has found a job, but is finding it very difficult; he feels it is too boring for him. His intellectual needs has to be improved more, To carry on looking for more jobs and variety. Follow the exercise and diet plan at al times to help you get used to the routine. He is doing the best he can to follow it at all times. This is testing his intellectual needs. Carry on following the diet and exercise plan. I advice my client to carry on following the diet and exercise plan. This will cause him to have a better lifestyle in the future. He will remain happy and healthier. His PIES has improved and for it to stay well he has to carry on following what I have set out for him. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Health and Social Care section.

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