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Unit 2 Section B Health and Social Care

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The good facts in my clients' Life Introduction In this section I am going to be focusing on the positive features which will have an effect on my clients' lifestyle, well-being and health status. Here are the results: Family Physically my client feels dependant on the people around her to share her views on life. They support her physically by telling her how she should exercise. And what she should eat to be healthy. The also provide the healthy nutritional meals on a daily basis to fulfil the requirements of a teenage girl of her age. Intellectually my clients' parents support her by encouraging her to go to school and learn things that will her help her through what ever she wants to pursue and carry on as career in the future. ...read more.


She receives emotional support from the few friends she has at school, they talk to her when she needs to talk to them, and they encourage her to do what is right. Amanda's friends intellectually support her by influencing her on how she should work towards achieving the goals she can get through work at school and even out of school. Her friends are very good for the build of her social skills by just being there for her to converse in talks and discuss into the issues and problems affecting the world in today's society. School My client enjoys going to school and learning new things. This is brilliant, as it increases her Intellectual skills. She always meets her targets and performs to her highest capable ability. The teachers and her friends at her school support her emotionally and socially by helping her understand the grades she should be getting and inspiring her to carry on. ...read more.


Because Amanda is able to go out of her house and be safe at the same time, she has the chance to meet new people and socialise. Having long walks through the neighbourhood helps Amanda to think through the events that happen in her day to day life, this helps her intellectually as she will be using her initiative to work at the solutions she has in her day's schedule. This will also keep her physically fit because she can go jogging in her safe environment. My client has a very intellect persona; she enjoys read Sci-fi /horror books, attends school everyday and expresses her feelings through different types of music. In order to strengthen her other three sections, being Physical, emotional and social, she needs to start involving people with her hobbies, by meeting new people and by being more outgoing. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mike Weston Unit 2B Health and Social Care ...read more.

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