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visit 2

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Visit 2 Aims * See how max walks upstairs * See if max talks more clearly * See if max can eat with a knife and fork When I see max he is quite grumpy as he has just had an argument with his little brother. I ask him if I can have a hug, he says "NO". I leave him for a bit and Becky grabs max and says "Max stop getting grumpy! Shall we get rid of grumpy Max?" she then tickles max under his t-shirt saying, "lets get rid of grumpy Max" and pretending to throw grumpy Max out from underneath Max's t-shirt. ...read more.


He preferred not to with the pasta. Max now comes out with random speeches like this time he just said Luca and uncle martin have a cold. He talks a lot more clearly and replies with full sentences whereas a few weeks ago he could talk but mumbled and just said yes and no rather than full sentences. After hide and seek me say to max let's play hide and seek and he says "yes I like hide and seek" Max goes upstairs to hide. He still walks up the stairs two feet to a step, which according to Brennand is normal. Max is potty trained now and never or rarely has accidents. ...read more.


He says "its Mine" and starts crying or gets annoyed. According to Brennand, this is normal in a three year old as they are still quite egocentric. Max saw my phone and he said "can I look" so I said shall I take a photo and he said "yeah". I took a photo of him and said "who is it Max?" and he said "look its Maxie" this is his nickname for himself as he always refers to himself in third person when he looks at pictures. Max is still quite shy but he talks more than he used to and says more than one word at a time. In conclusion, to this visit, Max can do everything I asked him too and is quite advanced for a three year old. ...read more.

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