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What’s wrong with a little smack?

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What's wrong with a little smack? What's wrong with a little smack? People have different views on this subject. Some think that it is right to discipline children in this manner, where as some people think it is not right and other methods should be used instead of smacking. In this essay I am going to examine the arguments for and against smacking, discuss the alternatives and share my personal experiences. Some of the main arguments for smacking are that children need to be reminded about what's wrong (Discipline); it will make them think about doing it again and a little tap doesn't hurt. But on the other hand there are arguments that say that smacking shouldn't be allowed and the main arguments for this are that smacking is wrong it's physical abuse, it gets harder every time and parents do it to release their frustration. The arguments for smacking are that children need to be reminded of what's wrong and if they don't know that, they will almost certainly do it again, but if they are hit, they will think twice about doing it again. ...read more.


"Parents do it to release their own frustration" which they might do but the frustration has come from the child and it has been building up inside the parent. The final argument is that the child will think that violence is the only way to sort out a problem. The alternatives to smacking are that you can ground the child and I find this quite affective as I can't do anything while I am grounded or anything about being grounded. I know that this is effective because I was grounded a few years ago for poor behavior at school and I found that week very boring and dull. Another alternative is to make them stay in there bedroom. I don't think that this is a very effective way because the child is staying in there room an d not being able to do anything for just one night where as if there grounded, they cant do anything for quite a while. ...read more.


I find this a very effective way of punishment as I don't want to do chores and I found this very boring and I felt that I had learned my lesson. The way that my parents were punished was that when my mum said she got told off at school she was punished by having to do things around the house to help out. The ways that my dad said that he was punished was to stay in his house and that he wasn't allowed out of the house and this shows that punishment hasn't changes over the years as both of these punishments happen nowadays. My opinion is that children should only be smacked if they have done something seriously wrong and that they should not be smacked because a parent wants to release their own frustration as that is wrong on the child. I feel that the alternatives do work and that what ever is done the child has been taught a lesson. ...read more.

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