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What is health?

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´╗┐juvaria Promoting health and wellbeing Task 2 what is health There are 3 types of health, negative, holistic and positive. Positive Health is defined as a ?state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity?. An illness is a physical pain or mental state that causes distress, whereas a disease is a physical change to the body structure or function. However negative health is defined as a view on health where health equals to the absence of illness/disease. . It is a negative view because it is based on not having anything wrong with you and your health. Health is the overall physical, social, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing of an individual. This shows that health can come in many different terms. These terms (PIES) are physical, intellectual, emotional and social, which all have an effect on an individual?s overall wellbeing. A Patients overall health can also be known as their holistic health. Holistic health is where a client is looked/cared for holistically. This can be done by maintaining their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. ...read more.


It includes being able to reason and question, to challenge ideas and plan actions. The ability to organise, process and evaluate information is an essential part of intellectual health. Examples of intellectual health Motivation/reading New technology Damaging the brain Hobbies-reading Interests A baby who is not cuddled/shown affection, left in wet/soiled clothing/not fed enough when required/has no mental stimulation i.e. mobiles and toys etc will have poor mental health as they will feel almost constantly distressed. Emotional health Emotional health involves liking yourself and accepting others. It means understanding your own emotions, and having the ability to listen to others and empathise with their emotions. Importantly, it also means being able to express emotions. It includes controlling your own behaviour, and being able to deal with success, failure and challenge. Emotional health means moving from emotional dependence to interdependence as we grow up. Being emotionally mature enables a person to have considerable control over their quality of life. Being emotionally mature enables a person to have considerable control over their quality of life. Emotional maturity also encourages cooperation and productive relationships between people. ...read more.


When a doctor is deciding what type of medicine to give a patient, she/he will think about these reasons and what problem is affecting the patient. Sometimes a person may need to take more than one type of medicine at the same time - one to fight a illness and one to help him/her feel better while he/she recovering, for example. Medicines have many advantages when an individual is feeling ill. These advantages may include: 1. 2. Pain relief 3. To fight infection 4. To fight disease 5. To assist a body mechanism to correct itself 6. To balance systems and organs in the body Medicines keep people healthy as they are fighting against illnesses/disease that an individual might have. When feeling ill one must take medicines to feel better. This also has an affect on health itself. By an individual not taking his/her regular medicines on time may have a negative effect on the person. This is because the medicine/antibiotics are not fighting against any infection/illness. This may have a negative effect on the person?s health which may result in making them feel ill. ...read more.

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