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What is Waugh's view of the society in which he lives?

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Evelyn Waugh was born in 1903 as a middle class person. He wrote the story of "Decline and fall" in 1928. This was a period of new inventions and ideas, but in this book, we can see many different points of view. In the first prison that Paul was sent to, the governor managed the place in a strange manner, and had a distinctly strange attitude towards his prisoners. He give his prisoners an opportunity to do activates and craftsmanship involving tools, and sharp objects. His theory was that this will contribute to their therapy and that their mental condition would improve. His ideas were not very successful, because there was an increase in suicides and attempted suicides. For instance he allowed them to use carving knives in the arts and crafts area. The chaplain, Fagan was murdered in the arts and crafts department by one very sick prisoner who claims to see visions of angels. The governor, Sir Lucas Dockery was conducting experiments at Black Stone, and different ways for curing prisoners. He had many different theories to why they commit their crimes At Black Stone prison we find it was less strict. The rules, laws and punishments were not as harsh. ...read more.


The house was originally an old building, which was out of date for its time. It had no running water or electricity, which was why Margo decided to put it in place and get it redesigned. Kings Thursday was at first considered the most beautiful building between Bond Street and Park Lane. It had not been changed for three hundred years. When Margo bought the house, there was no indoor sanitation or gas, and the only few small repairs and restorations had been done by a carpenter. There was also no lighting for the house and rush lights had to be used to light the house. The only drains for this house were underground, and these were thought as pointless. There were also other problems in the house; For instance it was very hard to get servants and very difficult to live in, which was why Margo had it rebuilt. A strange architect Otto Silenus did the rebuilding and designing. Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde saw his sad design of a chewing gum factory. This was the reason she chose him. Mrs. Beste-Chetwynde's plan for redesigning was something clean and square. She specifically stated that she wanted the work done by spring. Otto Silenuses designs were very strange and the theory he had about redesigning was that the house should be provided with the essential things only, and that the decoration was not important at all. ...read more.


We also find out that most of the people of the time do not go to Church to pray, but only use the mass as a social event where they can show off, and put other people down. During the sports day we find out more about the posh people of the time. The band, which was playing, refuses to play any other song but "Men of Harlem." They 'believed' that it would be unholy to play a holy song while somebody was smoking a cigarette. To them, this would be blasphemy to their creator, but they do not see a problem in it as long as they get paid an extra 'quid'. As the event of the sports day progresses, it was extremely satiric how the Vicar himself talk's about how it was wrong to ever give the black people their freedom and how the whites would be much happier as if they were slaves forever. Nearer to the end of the book there was another chaplain, which denied Christ and the existence of good, the legality of marriage, and the validity of the Sacrament of Extreme Unction. From "Decline and fall," I can conclude that Evelyn Waugh was a person that does not like people. The reason I say this is that he is mainly negative and he looks at every thing from his point of view. L.D.S. page 2 A.M.D.G. Filip Prodanovic GM2 12thMarch 2001 page1 ...read more.

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