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Who and what were pirates?

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Pirates By: Kristi Bryson Who and what were pirates? That seems like a silly question. Everyone knows what pirates were, they were rough, nasty men with big hats, black beards, parrots, eye-patches, and sailed around in fabulous ships with lots of masts and cannons, yelling foul-mouthed oaths and annihilating everyone who got in their way. Those ideas are more of less true, but it's only half the story. There have been pirates around as long as there have been boats and there are even pirates today. The main centuries of piracy were the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. In this essay, I'm going to discuss the evolution and stereotypical image of pirates throughout historical times from fairy tales to the nasty modern pirates. ...read more.


They had no soul. Privateers were sent by authorities to attack only enemy ships and they had a permit to do so. Out of the three types of pirates just mentioned, it shows three different personalities and you can't judge a pirate as one. The tales of 'Peter Pan' shows a different perspective of how children react to pirates. "'I refuse to be a pirate!' cried John." Instead of fearing pirates, John, the young child in Peter Pan sticks up for himself towards the evil Captain Hook when he asks him if he wants to join. In fairytales, Captain Hook looked like the typical sixteenth century pirate as you can tell by just looking at his name. ...read more.


If you were to look at a boat full of men today, you wouldn't think that those men were pirates but just mere men sailing to deliver goods. Although modern pirates have become more civilised, that doesn't mean they have become less merciless. Today, pirates aren't feared at all. It is obviously clear that pirates are actually rude men who don't care about what happens to anyone else as they are merciless. All they care about is their selves and sometimes their crew members. Throughout previous paragraphs, you can see that pirates have been feared less and less as the years pass by. I think that pirates shouldn't be feared these days as they are less common and they are more powerful weapons you can use against them since technology has changed. Still, pirates are evil men with no heart. ...read more.

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