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Why family structures are changing.

Extracts from this document...


Contents page Cover page- page 1 An introduction explaining three reasons why family structures are changing- Page 2-6 Describe the structure of each family (family A) Page 7-9 Analyse how each family group meets the needs of its members (family A) Page 10-13 Research and describe the services used by each family to help meet their health and social care needs including an evaluation of the effects of such support. (Family A) page 14-15 Describe the structure of each family (family B) Page 16-17 Analyse how each family group meets the needs of its members (family B) Page 20-21 Research and describe the services used by each family to help meet their health and social care needs including an evaluation of the effects of such support. (Family B) Page 22-26 Report An in-depth analysis of the effects of two issues on the family members Page 27-30 Describe how recent government initiatives aim to support families experiencing difficulties. Page 31-34 An assessment of the role played by various organisations that provide support to families experiencing difficulties. Page 35-40 A detailed explanation of three reasons why family structures have changed The definition of a family is "The collective body of persons who live in one house, and under one head or manager; a household, including parents, children, and servants, and, as the case may be, lodgers or boarders.2 ref http://www.question.com/dictionary/family.html accessed 1-3-06 Divorce What is divorce? The decree or writing by which marriage is dissolved. Families have changed in the last several decades. Instead of getting married, many people are living together or 'cohabiting'. Some of these cohabitating couples eventually get married. Many of them break up. Very few stay together as cohabitants for long. The definition of a family is "In the mid-1960s, only five per cent of single women lived with a man before getting married. By the 1990s, about 70 per cent did so. Some people think that living together will lead automatically to marriage, but that often is not the case." ...read more.


When Kane is at home with his granddad, he has certain books that will help his reading age, they are slightly more developed than what he is capable of but thanks to this continuous encouragement from his family he wants to push himself, in any of the books if he doesn't understand the word his granddad helps explain it, this is how his granddad helps with Kane's intellectual needs. Finally his father bought Kane a computer this is for fun but the games help improve his memory there fore help meet his intellectual need but the needs are only slightly met by those it is mainly his books and puzzles that help him. Kane's emotional needs are nurtured mainly by his father, his father has always been a very considerate person, as has his granddad, both of them have always showed the proper love and affection toward Kane, as he has never knew what it feels like to have a mother his dad and granddad have met his needs very well, they make Kane feel special and wanted and when he was younger he was called names but thanks to his father the names soon stopped due to a campaign in his area about Downs syndrome, it was mainly the children who bothered him but when his father raised their awareness they soon stopped, this was his dad's way of showing Kane that he belongs, this is how his dad met his emotional needs. His granddad ensures that he is kept in a safe environment in his house, this will improve this emotional security, his granddad makes him feel welcomed and loved every time he comes home from work, this is how his granddad meets Kane's emotional needs. Kane's social needs aren't properly met by his family his friend mainly meet these however there are a few ways his father and granddad meet them, as Kane's dad takes him to play football it is one way he meets his social needs by taking him out in society, his granddad only meets his social needs by having conversation with him on a regular basis. ...read more.


The organisation has however a number of negative points while they are all for the safety of children they may provide to much help for families by doing so the family will become to dependant on the service leaving them no better off than they were before. One key issue to do with poverty is the fact that families suffering from it will become stigmatised, people will be judgemental on the family and the children may experience bullying from other children this is a very negative aspect of the organisation. If this happens the family may find times hard to cope and will not be able to survive by them selves this may lead to the family completely splitting up leaving the children in care and the parents wondering were they went wrong. Due to the fact people will know that the family is using the service they may become victimised and attacked this can have a number of consequentially fatal effect on the over all family they may become isolated and turn the help away so that they are no longer victimised, this could lead to the poverty having a worse overall effect on the family. To conclude the services provided for families suffering from abuse or domestic violence suggest a number of practical solutions to helping families but because people will know who uses the service this may lead to the families being victimised or subjected to unwanted abuse eventually leading to the break up of the family. Also the fact that they try to influence change at a national level will ultimately lead to change therefore families experiencing difficulties will be helped but this may take time. Due to this it may cost lives but with the constant work of all the organisations the problem of poverty and domestic violence will be rectified once and for all leading to better lives for all families. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Child Development section.

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