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Why Is Education a Priority For All Children.

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WHY IS EDUCATION A PRIORITY FOR ALL CHILDREN Our government and local authorities have a duty to provide education to all children in the U.K, no matter what class, religion, colour or special need's, all have a right to an education. When a child is born, the learning process begins, and carries on throughout its life. A child learns by watching and imitating its parents, siblings and other people it encounters. When a child enters pre-school, and move's through the education system, it learns to read and write, it learns about the world it lives in and the people in that world, it starts to learn about its society. ...read more.


These are some of the reasons why education is a priority for all children. I work in a residential community home for young people. Many of the young people I work with have either been excluded prior to admission, have educational needs or have had some problem involving their education, involving truancy, bullying etc. Sometimes, just to get the child to school requires simple things like providing them with a nice new uniform, nice shoes, up to the minute fashion trainers, and they will go happily off to school, but not all are as easy as that. ...read more.


Her teachers were insensitive to her situation. She confided in me, following a string of truancy that had been picked up by her school. She was very unhappy at school, and refused to go. I suggested a meeting with the school and relevant individuals, which she agreed to. The outcome was that the school addressed the bullying, informed the relevant teachers of her situation, and gave out as much info as was needed to the school children in general, about children in care, and what it involved. The child is now back at her school, happily attending daily and interacting with the children and her teachers on a new footing. SUSAN LEWIS ASSIGNMENT 8 ...read more.

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