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Write a note on Psychological barriers to communication.

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´╗┐Write a note on Psychological barriers to communication. Psychological Barriers These barriers are categorized in the way which effects the communication psychologically. In other words the psychological barriers effect the communication in three ways. Emotional Barriers As we know that emotions directly effects the communication. In other words the success and failure of the communication also depends upon the emotions of a communicator. The more the emotions of a communicator are devoted to the communication, the more the more the communication would be effective and helps in achieving the goal for the specific purpose. ...read more.


Now we will have some of the examples of emotional psychological barriers. One possible psychological block is emotional. For example, you might be emotionally blocked if you are announcing a new policy you know will be unpopular, giving the first major presentation on your job, or writing to someone you dislike. The people with whom you are communicating are also subject to emotional blocks. They may feel indifferent or hostile toward you or your subject, or be biased against you (perhaps because of your youth, sex, race, relatives, friends, or even clothes) or against your subject (perhaps because they think it's illogical, perhaps simply because "That's not the way we've always done things here"). ...read more.


One perceptual problem is that people perceive things differently. Given precisely the same data, people see, interpret, or respond to them differently. A second perceptual problem is caused by people "filling in" information without checking its accuracy. Selectivity: A final set of psychological barrier exists because of competition for peoples time and attention i.e. selectivity barrier. We are bombarded with information sources such as newspaper, magazines, radio and television etc. so we cannot absorb all this information flowing our way so we must screen it selectively. One factor in the way people select is timing. Some messages that may be effective at one time might be blocked or even detrimental at other time. E.g. a letter of condolence sent out immediately after the event is more effective than one sent later. ...read more.

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