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19902 to 2000s

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WAZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUPPPPP! Welcome to tonight's episode of DECADE IN REVIEW. We have the privilege of tonight looking into the 1990s and 2000s. we will be interviewing four people about their passion and its relevance in the 1990s and 2000s. The 1990s and 2000s is considered the most eventful era, with more than 2000 inventions created, along with numerous scientific, medical and technological advancements. Global warming became our natural threat, and the issue of terrorism became our focal point. Entertainment reached a new standard, with the release of high definition video and blu-ray discs, and music was now more readily available with a larger variety to suit all tastes. Constant fashion changes plagued these two decades and sport became an essential part of our lives. The 1990s and 2000s were indeed the most eventful decades. But first, we must pay tribute to this heart stopping moment of the entire world. Now our First Guest tonight is AAAAAARAAAAN KETHHEEESON Now Aaran, I see your specialty is sports. Could you give us an insight into famous sporting events in the 1990s and 2000s Sport Sports in the 1990s became an integral part of society. Beginning in the early 1990s, Channel Nine televised live, Rugby League matches to free to air Television which kickstarted our addiction to sport. The Olympic Games in Sydney was also declared the best Olympics ever, along with the Rugby World Cup. Australian Athletes such as Ian Thorpe, Grant Hackett, Michael Diamond, Cathy Freeman and lots more proved that they were a force to be reckoned with, and not just any athlete. ...read more.


Teenaged and pre-teen boys adopted shorter hair, especially the buzz cut, but a few maintained the long hair of the grunge style. T-shirts became more form fitting, especially for women, with the advent of the baby doll t-shirt. Sagging remained popular in the late 1990s among some teenaged boys and young men. Sagging is a style worn by teenage and young men in which their shorts, jeans or pants are worn low, usually below their hips and sometimes under their butt as well depending on the sagger. Their underwear, however, is not worn lower and thus one can usually see the underwear of the sagger. Fancy boxer shorts became popular, and many guys showed them off by wearing their pants low so that people could see their boxers. Saggers wore baggy pants, in stark contrast to some of the more fitted styles from the late 1990s. Punk and alternative styles were common by 1996, including short, spiky hair, black t-shirts, black work pants, wraparound sunglasses, and skater shoes. Many punk and alternative teenagers dyed their hair colours like blue, green, and fuchsia. In 1997, the 1980s Goth trend resurged among teenagers, featuring black clothing, long or back-combed black hair, studded bracelets, and black boots. The Punk and goth styles survived into the 2000s in modified forms. The emo fashion slightly entered the mainstream in 1998-1999. It featured tight, black drain-pipe jeans, rock band t-shirts, and long hair in a form of a sidebang. Now, our next guest tonight has been described as one of the best and most influential music analysist in the whole world. ...read more.


Competitors perform a variety of tasks based around that skill, are judged, and are then kept or removed by a single expert or a panel of experts. The show is invariably presented as a job search of some kind, in which the prize for the winner includes a contract to perform that kind of work. Examples include The Apprentice and, America's Next Top Model * Dating-based competition Dating-based competition shows follow a contestant choosing one out of a group of suitors. Over the course of either a single episode or an entire season, suitors are eliminated until only the contestant and the final suitor remains. For a time, in 2001-2003, this type of reality show dominated the other genres on the major AUS networks. Showed that aired included The Bachelor, its The Bachelorette, as well as Temptation Island, Paradise Hotel and Joe Millionare * Self-improvement/makeover Some reality television shows cover a person or group of people improving their lives. Sometimes the same group of people are covered over an entire season but usually there is a new target for improvement in each episode. Shows include The Biggest Loser (which covers weight loss), Extreme Makeover (entire physical appearance), Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (style and grooming), Supernanny and backyard blitz Literature in the 1990s was widely available. Famous titles include Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and Matthew Reilly's action series, Contest, Ice Station, Temple, Scarecrow, Hover Car Racer, Hell Island, and Seven Ancient Wonders Now I'd like to thank all four of you of making the trip here, and giving us an insight into the 1990s and 2000s. Thank and that's all for tonight. Till next week, GOOD NIGHT! ...read more.

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