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2.) Did the peaceful methods of the PLO achieve more, or less, than terrorism

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Richard Ryan   UVP

  1. Did the peaceful methods of the PLO achieve more, or less, than terrorism?

The PLO was originally using terrorism as the way to get their message to the people of the world they used methods such as assaulting, hijacking and killing Israeli people and planes. The most well known of these is the three airliners that were hijacked and flown into Jordan and then blown up and the Munich Olympics in 1972 were a group called Black September were they stormed into the Olympic village and shot dead eleven Israeli athletes. These acts were all considered terrorism and were not as effective as some of their other methods. Terrorism showed that they were out there but did not really achieve much for them.

The PLO decided to use peace as a way to get their message to the people a good example of this is the UN speech made by Yasser Arafat in 1974, this was a very powerful peace of movement and gained a lot of worldwide support. Also the intifada played a big part in the peace movement they started a peaceful protest at first but then turned angry after the Palestnians were shot at by well armed Israeli troops this created a lot of worldwide sympathy to see these young Palestinian boys being fired upon by armed troops. Yasser Arafat realised that Israel was now its own independent state and that wasn’t going to change it was always going to stay. In 1993 Rabin the new Israeli prime minister who was part of the labor party and Shimon Peres negotiated a peace agreement with Yasir Arafat and the PLO. This involved Israelis withdrawing from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.President Clinton of the United States brought Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat togther for a historic handshake after the signing of the Israei-PLO peace accord at the White House on the 13th September 1993. Arafat extended his hand first, while Rabin needed some encouragement from Clinton to shake hands. The Americans played a new part as the peace negotiators they had connections with both Israel and the Arab world.

In conclusion we can see that peaceful methods got the PLO what they wanted eventually but it took time but they could not have achieved this without using terrorism as well this mixture of peaceful and non peaceful methods made Israel crack. Terrorism always got them into trouble with Israel and the world it did not create the sympathy that they were hoping to achieve but it got them the attention they wanted, the peaceful methods were effective and didn’t end up in the death of innocent people they created world sympathy and got them what they intended.

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