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Keeping Mandela in prison between 1964 and 1990 was a mistake(TM)

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'Keeping Mandela in prison between 1964 and 1990 was a mistake' Do sources B-G prove that this interpretation was correct? Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 and was the nephew of a chief. He later became the leader of the ANC and a lawyer. In 1961 he set up 'Spear of the Nation' which he later was given a life sentence because of this. In the 1960's in South Africa, apartheid was separating the Whites and Blacks. Apartheid made sure that, the White South Africans were far superior to the Black South Africans. Nelson Mandela was a very big problem to the Whites as they wanted Apartheid to be maintained in South Africa. The Whites thought that putting Nelson Mandela in prison would be a great solution as they wanted to isolate him, silence him and were trying to end his leadership to the ANC. They also thought that making sure that he had no contact with society would mean he'd lose his faith, however this was not the case. The Spear of the Nation was then formed by Nelson Mandela in 1961 which disrupted the government by acts of sabotage and violence. ...read more.


Source D which is Mandela's speech really shows how strong a person he is, this is because he goes on about how he will carry on the fight for democracy. Mandela then goes on to say and thank everyone for their 'tireless and heroic sacrifices' which have helped South Africa and his release tremendously. Again this makes him look my of a hero in many peoples eyes as he is saying that everyone has helped him and South Africa. Source D and source C show that the help and support from the UDF was useful to Nelson Mandela. The sources also contradict with the Botha's reforms this is because the poster shows that nothing has really changed. A source that supports this is source B as it is saying that his words are 'Saint like'. By this time Nelson Mandela had become someone great who many would look up to. Source D is extremely reliable as it is a first hand account of what Mandela thought although it is extremely bias as it is his view which was anti-apartheid. I think this source relates to the title well as it is showing that being in prison and solitary confinement has done nothing but made him more powerful and world renowned. ...read more.


One of there main aim's was to isolate Mandela. This was extremely successful at first as he had years of no contact with the political world, however as he got ill he was moved out of confinement and this is when he found out about what was happening in the political world. In my opinion Nelson Mandela in prison was a huge mistake as it made him a bigger, world popular role model. So the sources back up B's opinion Source F his imprisonment helped them when apartheid came to an end. This was because the angry blacks wanted to over run the white government and it would have been violent but by using Nelson Mandela (The Voice of the Blacks) it could be ended in a safe way. He then created the 'one man, one vote' policy for the voting. This meant that everyone could vote peacefully. Another success of keeping him in prison meant that he wasn't killed outside like Biko in Source F by the whites which would have angered the entire world. However from my evidence I believe that keeping him in prison between 1964 and 1990 was a mistake but it can't be 100% accurate as it is opinionated. That means that depending on where you stand it could have been a mistake or a success. ...read more.

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