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Kristallnacht was a spontaneous even by the German people. How far do these sources support this claim?

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Question F: Study all the sources. "Kristallnacht was a spontaneous even by the German people." How far do these sources support this claim? [12] The riots, violence, profanation, destruction and death that marked Kristallnacht throughout Nazi Germany in 1938 were no accidental act of violation, but a deliberately incited and massive, attack on the Jews of Germany, their synagogues and properties, through the arms of the Gestapo, the Police and the SD. From Berlin across all of Germany, it marked the beginning of the end for the Jews of Germany. I will begin studying the sources that suggest that Kristallnacht was a spontaneous event that more or less in a way say that Kristallnacht was the fault of the German people. Source B is a secret report by the Nazi Party Supreme Court after the events of Kristallnacht. The source tells us of how the Nazi party were not to discourage demonstrations, but they were not to be organized by the party. The source does suggest that Kristallnacht was not planned by the Nazi party but a wave of violence by the German people as the Nazi party were told not to participate in the demonstrations. The source does tell us how there was mass destruction caused by the violence. This source is implying that the normal German people started the attacks. ...read more.


Source C is an account written by David Buffman, the American Consul in Germany at the time of Kristallnacht. He describes how the violence started on 10 November and that the German people were horrified by the acts of the Nazi's violence. He goes on to describe how the SS men and Stormtroopers not in uniform were provided with hammers, axes and fire bombs. The statement that the SS men and Stormtroopers were not in uniform implies that the Nazi party did not want it to be apparent that they were generating racial hatred towards the Jewish people. David Buffman could be seen as an unbiased source which would make this source reliable and crucial to answer who were behind the attacks on Kristallnacht. Source E was a note signed by a civil servant who had sent a note to the British Consul in Cologne, Germany on the 12th of November, 1938. In this source it clearly states that most German people had nothing to do with the events that happened over Kristallnacht, and supports the claim made in source C about the fact that SA men had been provided with house breaking tools, axes and ladders to attack the Jewish buildings. They had been given a list of names to find the buildings exactly where the Jewish people lived. ...read more.


the fact it was written by a German Jew who was one of the targets by the Nazis, so they were writing a first witness account. On the other hand, there is the fact that is biased towards the Jews because they just wanted to say and show that the Nazis were wrong and should be gone with. Source D has a very vague meaning and does not state clearly who actually was responsible for the events that happened on the night of Kristallnacht. After studying all of the sources i have arrived to the conclusion that Kristallnacht was not completely a spontaneous event by the German people but, also hugely participated by the Nazi party. The sources that state that the German people were behind the attacks were on the whole biased and from unreliable writers apart from Source B. The remainder of the sources tell us that the Nazi party were behind the wave of violence on Kristallnacht, many of the sources also imply that the Nazi's did not want to be seen as responsible for the violence. Due to the reliability of Source B i have to take into account that the German people participated in the wave of violence of Kristallnacht but, largely i can see from the sources that it was not a spontaneous wave of violence but a planned attack by the Nazi party on the Jewish people. ...read more.

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