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A comparison of the how the source booklet provided and my visit to Dover Castle affects my overall interpretation

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´╗┐Reece Buckle Dover Castle is clearly atypical when compared to other castles, mainly because of its continual use into the 20th century, and its use of tunnels. Source 5 shows the underground tunnels being used for a headquarters to track enemy ship movements during WW2. This suggests that the Castle was still used for military purposes up into the 20th Century. Both my visit and this source are useful here. However, the visit only allowed me to see the size and extent of the tunnels in person, whereas the source allowed me to see the headquarters being in use. This is more reliable to me, when supporting my idea of Dover Castle's use into the 20th century. Because this photograph is of the actual event, I?d say it's reliable as well. When visiting Dover Castle, I also noticed that the keep was another important feature of this site. There?s evidence showing that the walls and roofing had been repaired over time, specifically to support AA (Anti-Aircraft) ...read more.


It wasn't until the French siege of 1216-1217, that completely demolished the original northern gate, creating the need for Constables gate to be built. Also, reaching this gate meant walking past a series of unreachable tunnels filled with slanted windows, musketeers, cannons and mortars. This made Dover Castle almost impenetrable. Even though visiting Dover Castle was useful, Sources can also be reliable. Source 9 (p23) states that Henry II spent an 'enormous sum of £6640' on building Dover Castle, unlike the '£1000-£2000' spent on 5 other Castle's. In this case, this is better than my visit, as it provides both facts and figures, which the visit doesn’t provide. This source is also reliable, because it relates to Source 1 (p95-96) where in the year 1794, Dover Castle had £50,000 spent on repairing and upgrading it. These are two prime examples of Dover castle's atypical behaviour throughout time. To act as a strong military base and too protect the country. In contrast to my previous point about Dover Castle being repaired, my visit also showed me where Dover Castle was repaired with different aged bricks. ...read more.


My visit was probably more useful, as it allowed me to see Dover Castle?s constituents first hand, unlike sources 4, 6 and 9. Sources 1 describe the Castle as "when seen from the opposite coast of France, it appears to life its towering head above the clouds?. This source isn't very useful to me either, because it's clearly an exaggerated opinion. However, it did slightly suggest its military use. "Stand in awe of its mighty strength, and spread its ancient fame through distant climes" which supports the idea of Dover Castle developing for different unique reasons. Such as acting as deterrence, enhancing trade, and signifying Britain's power. In conclusion, visiting Dover Castle was as equally beneficial to me as the source booklet provided. Although my visit to Dover Castle helped me gain an understanding of the physical features of the castle e.g. chalk, constable?s gate, the Saxon church, the tunnels, and so on. It was limited to usefulness. It didn?t provide any information on dates or figures, whereas the source booklets did. Consequently, the source booklet was also limited, as it was sometimes hard to decipher/read the sources. And there was only a limited amount of them. ...read more.

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