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Evacuation was a Great Success

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'Evacuation was a Great Success' Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation? Evacuation began on 1 September 1939, two days before Britain went to war with Germany. It was a voluntary scheme aimed to send all children living in cities that were likely to be bombed, to safer places. In this answer I am going to discuss good and bad points and then come to a conclusion as to whether I think evacuation was a 'Great Success' or not. Many people believe that evacuation in WW2 was a great success due to the lives it saved and the many positive things that came of it. There are many arguments used to show evacuation was a success. First of all were the lives it saved. Major cities in England were the target of air raids from the Luftwaffe. This made the people that inhabited these cities worried that they would be bombed. ...read more.


* 'Want'. many people lived in poverty through out Britain and this needed to be tackled by setting up a new benefit system. * 'Ignorance'; not enough children attended school; this was solved by giving free education up to the age of 15 with the hope that children would stay on. * 'Idleness"; after the depression before the war many people were out of work, this was solved by nationalising some industries. * Finally 'Squalor'; Poor areas and slums were replaced with by massive council housing programmes. The welfare state had a major effect in the way the country was run after the war and it is still in place today helping millions across Britain. However, some people believe that evacuation wasn't a great success and that there were a lot of things that the government did wrong. One thing the government didn't always take into consideration when evacuating children was the homes they would go to. ...read more.


CORB (Children's Overseas Reception Board) was an organisation that sent children on the SS Volendam and the City of Benares which were both attacked by German u-boats on 17th September 1940. The City of Benares was carrying 90 child passengers who were being evacuated from Britain to Canada. 77 of the 90 children died in the sinking, prompting the immediate cessation of the Children's Overseas Reception Board. So in conclusion, although some children had a bad time and sometimes unnecessarily so, the majority of evacuees enjoyed the experience. For something as good as the welfare state to come out of the evacuation, makes it a success in my eyes. And looking at photos of the bomb damage, it is clear that many children were saved who would have most probably died. It can be easy to view the past through 'rose coloured spectacles' but on balance, I believe there are many more positives than negatives and, for that reason the policy of evacuation qualifies in my opinion, as a 'great success'. ...read more.

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