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A few years after the segregated schools were made illegal, nine black Americans decided

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Essay The US citizens improved the civil rights in the years 1945 - 1963. Firstly the Brown Vs Board of education of Topeka case. This case was about a black girl called Linda Brown, who travelled several kilometres and crossed a dangerous railway track to get to a black school, rather then attending a white-only school nearby. The NAACP (National Association (of the) Advancement (of) Coloured People) whose goals were to end racial discrimination and segregation. They took the case to the Supreme Court against the board of education in Topeka. This case was to improve education in the south of America by making segregated school illegal. They won and black children were able to get a better education. ...read more.


The President ordered troops and National Guard members into the city to help the nine African Americans attend the public school. This was the first time in awhile that the troops were called to help black Americans. The nine students were help into the school and some even graduated some year after. Martin Luther King was another that changed the civil rights. King created groups such as SCLC (southern Christian Leadership Conference), who ran conferences and trained civil right activists in techniques of non-violent protest. MIA (Montgomery Improvement Association) boycotted buses, the impact was the buses became empty and the bus companies lost a lot of their income. Martin Luther King believed the way to protest was non-violence however not all civil right activists agreed with his methods. ...read more.


Taking of buses Rosa Parks was another who took part in the civil rights improvement. She was a civil rights activist and she decided to make a stand against Montgomery's racial segregated bus service. She reused to give up her seat for a white man. Parks was arrested and convicted of breaking the bus law. King paid for her bail. This also played a part in the civil rights. After looking at all the people and group that played part in the civil right, I believe that Martin Luther King /Jr were the ones that played a large amount in the improvement to civil right, and however without the help of all the other no improvement could have been done. ?? ?? ?? ?? History essay Verdi Viela ...read more.

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