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A report to Stalin on the ruinous effects of the Purges.

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A report to Stalin on the ruinous effects of the Purges Report Plan - effects on... P.1 Introduction P.2 Army P.3 Scientists P.4 Managers of factories and farms P.5 Poets, Writers, artists P.6 Ordinary life To. Comrade Josef Stalin From. Askit Voldof, Russian Intelligence Agency Date. 18/06/1938 Dear Comrade Josef Stalin, First of all, I would like to applaud you, excellent Comrade Stalin, for following the great Lenin, in becoming his successor, and indeed in every meaning of the word, succeeding. I also applaud you in reforming this country, with the ideas only a great Communist such as yourself could have thought of, in making this country a safer place for Russia in the future. The whole of my organisation myself and are at your feet, whatever your request maybe. ...read more.


We have no real way of creating new technologies, and new machines to rival the western capitalist countries; also this new technology is what Russia needs to increase its power in the world. Due to this lack of scientist we have no way of helping Russia in catching up with other countries such as American, in terms of economic advancement. A great deal of the experienced managers of Russia, have been executed as a result of the purges, so industry has slowed down a great deal, and this has hit Russia's economy hard. Because of the lack of experienced workers, the industry is slowing down. There is also a lack of workers due to the terror in jobs such as managerial positions, a fear of being executed just like their predecessor. ...read more.


My personal thoughts on the matter on fighting the problem of the purges, and in some cases the misuse of them, is to put a stop to them altogether, I am not saying that your great actions were the wrong one, yet I think alternatives could be thought of by you that certainly would be less damaging to the Russian culture. Please keep note that this is only an overview of the effects of the purges, my only aim was to outline those. I believe that these purges could endanger the future of Russia as we know and on that note I will conclude by repeating, and stressing that we are at your feet, if ever you require our service. Thank you for everything you have done, Askit Voldof, Russian Intelligence Agency ...read more.

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