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Abuse of Woman's Rights

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ABUSE OF WOMAN'S RIGHTS A man once approached me and asked, "Could you describe a woman in three words?" I than asked "A woman from which century, the 15th or the 20th?" He than said "Both!" After a moment of thought I replied, " A woman from the 15th century would be, gentle, loving and inspiring" than I paused... and confidently continued " However a woman from the 20th century would be, greedy, greedy and greedy". You might all be wondering why I have such pessimistic views towards the woman of the 20th century even though I'm a woman, right? Since 1848, the birth of the Woman Liberation Movement, many women of the world have changed their traditional feminine ways just to obtain what they call as 'equal rights'. I have no objections to the term 'equal rights' as every human being despite female or male deserve to be treated equally. ...read more.


After awhile the movement was misunderstood and women of the world started rebelling/ protesting against nothing. All these women were just greedy for fame, money and mostly power. For many years these women demanded equal rights. However in the book of law it states that 'women should be protected as they are the weaker species'. Where is the just in that? If woman are the weaker species and every woman of the world agreed to this law why do they ask for equal rights? The equalization in opportunities, why? If they wanted equal rights so badly the first thing that should have protested against was this law. Why was this law made in the first place? That is because it was designed to protect woman, to protect woman from the outside world and this weaker gender could be very vulnerable if caught alone. That is why this law was designed. ...read more.


If a woman was a president and she was pregnant does that make her exempted from her duties? Won't that affect the country if she has to juggle parenting and ruling a country? A man doesn't go through that phase, that's why males are the leaders of the world, that's the secret behind that. I'm begging every single woman of the world right now, to get an education, get a start in your career but don't let it affect anything especially your children, return the natural feminine ways that woman are created to be and don't be greedy for more than you already have because if the Woman's Liberation Movements really did care about the woman of the world less women would be raped every year, less women would suffer financial problems, less women would be illiterate and less women would die due to just being a woman. I'm now pleading to everyone to take a stand, don't follow the temptations, and follow the true path because that path would lead you to the greatest success you can ever achieve. Thank you. ...read more.

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