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Account for the Political Situation in Russia on the eve of the 1905 Revolution.

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´╗┐Account for the Political Situation in Russia on the eve of the 1905 Revolution. Russia?s political situation on the eve of the 1905 Revolution was very tense, conservative and hostile. Reasons for this were: the continuous Autocratic rule believing that the Tsar was in control of the empire by divine rights, the backwardness of Russia compared to Europe, the Industrial development in 1980 which brought the Growth and Population booms in the city towns and Russia?s overestimation of their military forces. When in 1894, Tsar Alexander II died suddenly of kidney failure his son Nicholas Romanov succeeded him as Nicolas II (1894-1917). Like his father before him he ruled under the conservative Autocratic rule. ...read more.


During Nicholas?s reign in the 1890?s there was a massive increase in industrial development. Witte, Minister of Finance believed that rapid industrial growth could only be achieved by a state intervention. He sustained and strengthened the Protectionist Policy and encouraged the construction of the Trans Siberian Railway. The Trans SIberian Railway network covered 31 940 miles of the Russian Empire. This led to the influx of peasants into the booming industrial cities. Despite the rapid increase of the population, the accompaniment of improvements in housing and infrastructure was not undertaken. So when the recession hit the Russian economy in the early years of the century, there was a mass number of unemployment. ...read more.


This meant that they wanted to rapidly overthrow the Tsar. The Bolsheviks were the men of the minority and were less left wing. The leaders were Martov and Dan. Despite all these revolutionary groups uprising Tsar Nicholas still defended the Autocracy rule. To increase the Tsar's popularity he thought it smart to enter in the Russo Japanese War. However Nicholas overestimated the naval and military capabilities of Russia and underestimated the Japanese. So when they sought out to fight for Korea the Russians un expectedly were losing. Nicholas?s refusal to withdraw troops from manchuria found Russia engaged in a war that they were ill prepared for. During this time the 1905 Revolution was undergoing. All these factors led up to the eve of the 1905 Revolution in Russia and in 1917 Tsar Nicholas was overthrown. ...read more.

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