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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler had several great impacts on World History as a whole. Such as he persecuted the Jews, broke the Treaty of Versailles and the Munich Conference which caused the beginning of WWII. This created many changes in America as a whole. Nazi propaganda loudly proclaimed that Germans were a superior race destined to rule the world. At the same time, they preached that Jews, Poles, Americans, and other groups were inferior races. Hitler and the Nazi's blamed the Jews for most of Germany's problems since World War I. He used the Jews as convenient scapegoats for Germany's troubles causing Nazi violence to steadily mount. ...read more.


Hitler wrote in his book, Mein Kampf, that since the Germans were a master race, the Treaty of Versailles was an intolerable outrage against Germany. The treaty of Versailles had forbidden Germany placing troops in a 30-mile-wide zone on either side of the Rhine River. Known as the Rhineland, this territory formed a buffer between Germany and France. Hitler boldly ordered 35,000 German troops to march into the Rhineland and occupy it, deliberately disobeying the treaty. Hitler's unexpected action stunned the British and French. Germany reoccupied the Rhineland and the democracies failed to act. At the Munich Conference, Hitler solemnly promised that the Sudetenland was his last territorial claim. ...read more.


The war was also a turning point for African Americans. Thousands of them left the rural South for higher paying jobs in defense industries in the Northeast and Midwest. After fighting for freedom abroad, many African American soldiers returned home determined to end racial discrimination. This new attitude helped to spark the civil rights movement in the 1950's. Its hard to understand how good can come from such evil. But it did. I think the best change is that people as a whole now look more closely at others religious and personal beliefs and give them more respect. It has forced us to look at our own prejudices and to work through them, rather then to act upon them. I think it's made "love thy neighbor" rise higher within our own individual commandments. ...read more.

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