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Aims and Methods of Terroist Attacks

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War on Terror - What are the aims of it, and what methods are being used? The aims of the war on terror were to eliminate the radical Islamic groups that were rebelling against America and the other allies. Especially al-Qaeda as they were the one making the claims to the various terrorist attacks around the world. America had a policy that involved many legal actions, military and political actions. The methods in the war on terror included terrorist bases around the Middle East. These 'safe havens' can be used to train up terrorists for attacks and also to provide the members of radical Islamic groups with weaponry and train them in the ways to use them. Places such as Afghanistan and Iraq were the countries that were providing the safe houses and this is why America has partly invaded the two countries to help eliminate the people providing them and to put people off the provision of them. Many people around the world agreed with this idea of cutting them off at the source, for example 'try to eradicate the breeding grounds of terrorism' (Asahi Shimbum newspaper, Japan). ...read more.


At Guantanamo prisoners are interrogated. Accusations of torture are brought forward by many prisoners. People being held are accused members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Or people just accused of fighting against the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. America classes these detainees as 'enemy combatants', out of 775 total prisoners; 420 have been released and 355 are still locked up. With only a small percentage quoted as being put on trial soon. One of the most famous and well-known prisoners of Guantanomo bay is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man who has reportedly confessed to the bombings in Bali, the September 11th attacks and the Richard Reid shoe bombing attempt. The Bali bombing was against Australia, 'We warned Australia not to join the war in Afghanistan', this was reportedly said by Bin Laden - but this can not be guaranteed. Captured terrorists can be used by America to find out information on there fellow members of extremist groups. America has used various 'techniques' but accusations of torture have emerged. The issues that America is addressing using these terrorists includes, training bases, methods and where the groups are being funded from. ...read more.


Saddam Hussein was later put on trial and executed. George Bush the leader of America announced that the main war in Iraq was over and that they had won. Although many Iraqis saw that America was helping there country and putting it back to a state of normality, there were small groups that fought back. These insurgents see themselves as the fighters of a religious war. Where they want to get rid of all the non-Muslim groups in Iraq and liberate the country. To get there aims fighters have used suicide bombers, car bombs, roadside bombs and hostages. For example the United Kingdom citizen Ken Bigley was taken hostage in Iraq. He was killed on the 7th October 2004 by beheading. A release was attempted, but no positive outcome came though. His words were 'I'm not afraid. You only die once' The response by the Islamic terrorist groups to the 'War on Terror' was that of controversy. Many people have stated that more harm than good has been done to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. And the reasoning for the war had been questioned. 'few common causes, no common enemy and no common strategy for fighting one' (Todd Richissin) Modern Day Study ...read more.

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