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American Depression

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Vivien Kwong Year 4 THE AMERICAN TIMES Depiction of the 1930s Depression To get a real picture of the 1930s Depression, we must look at the life of the farmers, the effect of the drought, and the receptiveness of other people in states in offering help. Farmers? lives were harsh in those days. The demand and the production of crops did not make a balance. It was essential for the government to solve the overproduction. However, that has not been done. A source from Oscar Ameringer gave an evidence of the livehood in Chicago. A man told him that he killed 3,000 sheep this fall. It is because the transfer of a sheep cost $1.10, but he would get less than a dollar for it. ...read more.


The farmers did not let the lands to rest but instead made use of them for production after production. The drought also caused the lands to crack. This together with the strong wind blew the covering soil of the agricultural land away making a dust storm over the areas. Carolyn Henderson mentioned ?Wearing our shade hats, with the handkerchiefs tied over our faces and vaseline in our nostrils, we have been trying to rescue our home from the wind-blown dust which penetrates wherever air can go.? in Letters from the Dust Bowl. We can see that the condition of the residents was dreadful and it was a hopeless task for them as the dust clouds did not roll over. ...read more.


However, the residents did not welcome for new migrants and paid them fifteen cents per hour. They could not find a job and this made their lives more awful. There was more evidence that residents of California did not want to lend a helping hand. A sign on the California border in 1935 was written like that - ?Okies go home. No relief available in California?. The discrimination shown by the residents of California had created more misery to those people of mishap. If the Americans should help each other to cope with the Depression instead of bullying their countrymen, the situation might be better. As a historian, we should look for the lesson to learn in this Depression. On reflection, the situation would be better if Government could intervene. This had paved the way to the theory of using public spending to boost the internal consumption thus avoiding the deepening of the depression. ...read more.

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