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American West

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1. Describe the problems of living in a newly set up town in the West? In a newly set up town in the West there were many problems of living. Law and order was probably the most severe problem living in a newly set up town in the West due to the fact there was a significant lack of law and order as can be seen from source A "These were dark days in Bannack; there was no safety for life or property only so far as each individual could with his trusty rifle, protect his own". Prostitution was also a major issue. With very little law and order prostitution was encouraged. The younger men would sometimes drink alcohol and bought cheap whisky from illegal saloons. Cheap alcohol leads to drunkenness which then leads to the problem of prostitution. ...read more.


The cheaper the alcohol was the more men would buy making them more drunk and without much law and order , sheriffs and town marshals there was not much chance of these tents being found out . Men came from all around the world. This was also a big problem as they didn't know how to communicate with one another "But having come from all corners of the earth, did not know each other and who to trust." This shows there was a lack of sheriffs and town marshals as the government was far away meaning there were very few people covering the large area this meant law and order was not always put into practice well. 3. Analyse the part played by i) Vigilantes and , ii) Women, In dealing with the problems of living in early towns in the West. ...read more.


Vigilantes enforced the law strongly but in the process ended up killing many innocent victims for acts they did not commit. Women Most women that went to early towns in the west were mainly prostitutes they would make a lot of money out of drunken men. However, not all women were involved in prostitution. Some women stayed with their husbands to keep their families together, some helped out in saloons. Also there were a few women who helped out the sick. Source B: "The women were particularly kind, leaving their own work to care for those who were ill." This source clearly shows that many women went to help the people in need of help. Sometimes this meant leaving there families behind especially after the outbreak of typhoid. The women played a major role in the town's growth and without them things such as schools would not have been built and one can argue without them it would have been a much less civil place. American West ?? ?? ?? ?? American West: Assignment One: Objective 1 ...read more.

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