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american west coursework

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10th April 2008 - Analyse the part played by (i) vigilantes and (ii) in dealing with the problems of the American west. In this essay, I am going to discuss the work of vigilantes and women and show how they dealt with many of the problems in the American west. A vigilante is a person who ignores due process of law and enacts his own form of justice when they deem the response of the authorities to be insufficient. Several groups and individuals have been labeled as vigilantes by various historians and media. Vigilantes have been central to several creative fictional works and are often depicted as being heroes and retaliatory against wrongdoers. The west was very violent; the main source of violence was racial violence this was because the American west attracted people from all around the world, people from Europe, China, Mexico and also black Americans and Native Americans. ...read more.


of the crime they were accused of, this caused the towns people to rise up and take to arms against the cattlemen. This caused much violence between the two groups and many had to protect themselves by carrying guns. This trial showed that vigilantes could and did get it wrong also that they could bully whole towns and the townspeople feared many of them. The women of the west believed they were responsible for the morals of the town not just their own family. Without their resourcefulness populating the west would not have been achieved, without their work on the west, surviving on the plains would have been almost impossible, because they were responsible for almost all the work around the plains. The women decided to act upon the problems with the towns and try and improve the way of life in the West. ...read more.


and they started to campaign for the ban of alcohol. They had their first success in 1860 when Kansas introduced prohibition. There were other campaigns which the women successed in such as the increase of women working in factories, women set up their own organizations to protect their interests and rights. They also started to fight for better wages and also the women thought that getting the vote would improve their conditions. As you can see women had a big part in the American west with their contribution with education, religion and people's rights. without the women it would be almost impossible to live there, the vigilantes helped the problems in the west by delivering swift law enforcement and punishment for the town, but this also caused many problems sometimes they punished the innocent. ...read more.

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