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An Essay on why Augustus was a better emperor than Nero ?

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An Essay on why Augustus was a better emperor than Nero ? Why was Augustus or Octavian a better Emperor than Nero? Well Augustus reined for 41 years and died a normal death of old age but he was born into the family business. Gaius Octavius, was the first in the family to become a senator, but died when Augustus was only four. It was his mother who had the more distinguished connection. She was the daughter of Julia, sister to Julius Caesar. Therefore when Julius Caesar died he gave a lot of his wealth and popularity to his adopted son. Augustus was is very popular already. Whereas Nero was not meant to be emperor it was his father whom was meant to do that. ...read more.


Food was ever so cheap and even sometimes free making him very popular. After the Great fire that presumably he caused (But that comment came from one of his enemies so it may not be true) but he replanned Rome and rebuilt it so why on earth would he burn Rome if he knew he would have to rebuild it? Augustus wasn't the entire saint you think though he also had some bad points. A son and a father pleaded for their lives. He showed no mercy asking them to choose who died. They choose the father he was murdered then the son-committed suicide Augustus just watched them both die in front of him. Augustus was ruthless and unorthodox showing no mercy to the murderer of his father Julius Caesar. ...read more.


But be warned this evidence came from Sueteniur whom was one of Neros sworn enemies. Nero was very violent for example he had his first wife executed and he killed his second wife very brutally kicking her to death. He also got his own mother killed he was even prepared to joke about it at one execution he said, "I wish I had never learned to write". It is also said that Nero insisted on being given prizes for winning chariot races. Even when he didn't win, Or he didn't even finish the race! Augustus efficiently bribed his way with extra pay and cheap corn. But on the other hand Augustus kept the peace. The rich Romans found it easier not to complain and do what Augustus wanted therefore have proved that Augustus was the better Emperor. Augustus Nero ...read more.

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