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"Antis Had More Convincing Arguments than Suffragists and Suffragettes."

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"Antis Had More Convincing Arguments than Suffragists and Suffragettes." Every argument has two sides. In the case of votes for women, it was those who were pro-women's suffrage against those who were anti-women's suffrage. Those against Woman's suffrage were often referred to as "Antis." Antis had many reasons for why women should not have he vote, however many of those reasons were unfounded or could easily be made invalid. Although, to begin with, the views of the Antis were more representative of public opinion, people would soon come to see them as old fashioned and there arguments as unjustified and unconvincing. For many Antis, the only real reason that they didn't want women to have the vote was simply because they hated change. This fear led to many unfounded arguments that would cloud and distort any realistic arguments they had. Antis said that enfranchising women would destabilise the political structure and an uneducated and politically inexperienced class would come into power. However, politics was something that could be easily taught and many women would begin to follow politics during this period anyway. ...read more.


Because Antis felt that women should stay home and look after the family, as this was a woman's job, while politics was a man's burden. If one crossed into the other, it would have an adverse effect. Thus, if women got the vote it would destroy the family. Since then, these views have been changed and men and women have both proven themselves just as capable of handling the other's duties and that these perceived differences between men and women actually mean nothing. Antis would also say that men represented women and that women could not form their own opinions and thus giving them the vote would just enable men to manipulate women into voting for who they wanted. Antis said that woman would vote against male interests and that it was God's will that man should rule, as he created men first. However, one of the arguments that women used as to why she should have the vote, was so that women could be better companions to men and so they both might be elevated to new levels. ...read more.


Women were not allowed to work the same hours as men and often had nowhere near the same rate of pay. Women wanted the vote so that they could gain improved working conditions and this would also make it easier for them to pay the rates and taxes that they had to pay. In fact, just by having their say in what happened to the money, women probably wouldn't mind the poor conditions so much. There were many arguments for and against women's suffrage, some of these good arguments and others completely unfounded. To being with, women's suffrage was seen as a joke and wasn't taken seriously. However, by 1914, the Antis' arguments seemed old fashioned and it would only be a matter of time before women got the vote. Antis' arguments were unjustified and unconvincing and the women's arguments held much reason. With the World War showing Britain that women were just as able as men, even many Antis were won over and abandoned their own arguments. But the Suffragists, Suffragettes and Antis did all agree on one thing: votes for women would bring about change and social revolution. History Scott Sinfield ...read more.

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