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Appeasement:Right or Wrong?

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History Coursework Hitler's first priority on coming to power was rearmament despite the restrictions by the treaty of Versailles. It was always clear that he would do this. Officially, the German army was only restricted to 100,000 men, even though Czechoslovakia had 140,000 soldiers and Poland 270,000. U-boats and a air force were also not allowed. This would be intolerable to any German. In October 1933 - as expected:,he left the League of Nations and withdrew form the Disarmament conference. This shows that Germany were about to rearm despite the League. Then in 1935, German rearmament, forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles, begins. Another factor was the attitude of many people in Britain and France to Soviet Communism. Many British people felt that it was a good thing that Germany rearmed herself so that it would protect Britain from communist Russia. They thought this because they felt that it would make them more preferred to Germany. Hitler's next action after rearmament was just as active and clever. He deliberately sent a small group of soldiers into the demilitarised Rhineland to test Allied reaction. ...read more.


They would do everything to avoid another war. This just like what was said by Churchill, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile and hopes that it eats him last". Hitler had given Britain the wrong impression, this is shown by the letter written by Lord Lothian, who had been the secretary of Lloyd George- the former Prime Minister- in January 1935. It says, "I am convinced that Hitler does not want war. I believe that what the Germans are after is a strong but not an excessive army which will enable them to deal with Russia...Hitler is anxious to come to terms with us and I think trusts us...of course all the wolves of hatred and fear and suspicion are clamouring to prevent understanding". In November, Japan and Germany then signed an Anti-Comintern Pact directed at preventing the spread of Communism. A few months later Mussolini agreed to an Anti-Communist Pact with Hitler, he said that this would be the link between Berlin and Rome. ...read more.


Chamberlain then, once again, appeased Germany and told Czechoslovakia that Bohemia would be overrun and nothing that any other Power can do will prevent this fate for your country. Czechoslovakia backed down despite the fact that they would have easily outnumbered the Germans. Then in March 1939, Germany takes over part of, and declares a protectorate over the rest of, Czechoslovakia, and seizes Memel (a part of Lithuania). In May, Hitler signed the 'Pact of Steel' with Germany. In August, Hitler signed a Non Aggression Pact with the USSR. And in September Germany invaded Poland, this started World War 2. In my opinion, appeasement could have been the right thing to do in the short-term, as it could lure Hitler into a false sense of security and they could have allowed Germany to attack Czechoslovakia as the Czechs would have easily dealt with the Germans, but they then continually allowed Germany to get stronger and get away with the wrong things. This was not the right thing to do in the long-term but since they did not have the benefit of hindsight they would not have seen the problem with consistently appeasing Hitler. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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