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AQA GCS Modern World History Coursework

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AQA GCS Modern World History Coursework Source B is a photograph taken in September 1939 which tells us it was taken at the time of evacuation and it therefore is authentic. In source B the children look genuinely happy because they are smiling and waving but this could be posed for propaganda uses. Some of the children where excited about leaving, they saw the whole thing as an adventure. Other children were excited to go away especially as they were travelling by train because this was seen as a luxury back then and it was unlikely that working class people would have ever travelled on a train. ...read more.


In Source B we can see adults accompanied the children but it's not very clear as to who the adults are. Because the source is a photograph, it doesn't show us at what age the children where accompanied and what age you were aloud to go by yourself. Under 15s were to be accompanied but over 15s could travel alone for example. The source also doesn't show that the adults accompanying them were not their mothers but teachers unless the child was very young in which case the mother was allowed to go with the child. Source C however, tells us that mothers were allowed to follow along behind their children to the train station and that teachers took them. ...read more.


In source B it doesn't seem that unorganised but we can tell it is by the information given in Source C because it mentions the fact they didn't know where they were going. Source C is also useful, because it is the recollection of a teacher who would have good knowledge about what actually happened when the evacuation took place, rather than if a child was telling us. Both of the sources are very limited and do not tell us a great deal of information but I myself think that Source C is more useful and covers more facts seeing as Source B is just a photograph which could have been faked. ...read more.

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