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Arab-Israeli Conflict

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Coursework questions on Palestine a) Throughout the 20th century there had been increased tension between the Arab nation and Israel. These tensions led to several clashes and many deaths as well as war between these two nations in 1956, 1967 and 1973. I believe the reasons for war were because of Colonel Nasser's personality and actions. One reason is because his actions were provocative, where he outraged western countries by forming an alliance with the USSR, who was in the cold war against the USA. The west feared this alliance would spread and they allied with Israel to stop the threat from spreading. Nasser took another action which created further tension in the world, when he nationalised the Suez Canal. As a result, the USA and Britain cancelled loans to Nasser to pay for the Aswan Dam. Instead, Nasser used the tolls which were paid by ships so he could pay for the Aswan Dam. Britain and France feared that he was attempting to remove Western influence from the Arab countries and soon they would be going to war with Egypt. The next nation Nasser was to upset was France. ...read more.


Another factor which led to war was the USSR and USA foreign policies'. During the conflict, the USA and USSR were still in the cold war, and the USSR were first to gain influence in the Middle East. They supported the Arabs and promised to provide them with weapons and training. The USA, realising this threat, and also looking to influence the Middle East, sent weapons and supplies to Israel. Although there was no involvement of the USA and USSR in the 1956 war, they could be accused for causing the 1967 war, as their support and supplies made the Arabs and Israeli eager to resolve their conflict with war. They were also involved in the war in 1973, sending supplies during the war. In conclusion, one single factor cannot be outlined as the cause of all three wars. The Arab-Israeli conflict was a complex situation, and for each war there were different factors in the cause of it. The two main factors which caused the war, in my opinion, are Nasser's behaviour and oil. Nasser's behaviour led to extreme actions which was enough to anger Israel and force war. His behaviour also led to war in 1967. ...read more.


The USA sent money, soldiers and weapons to Israel to help them fight the Arabs. However for the Americans their goal was to stop USSR spreading their influence across the Middle East because the cold war was still going on so the Americans allied with Israel. There are other factors; however that could have also contributed with the triumph of Israel and the demise of the Arabs. Although the Arabs, united, seemed strong, they were easily taken out by the Israel army because of their surprising attack and their planning. Israel managed to plan their attacks and carry them out, successfully. The Arabs had many men in numbers but they weren't united and didn't fight quickly enough, unlike the Israel. Once they did attack early but again quick Israeli preparation meant they were able to fight back and defend their territory. To conclude I believe that U.S help was a decisive factor in enabling the Israelis to win the wars because at the time Israel were still relatively a new state and they needed time to settle but they weren't able to because of Arab outrage and attacks. With the help of the USA, they were able to find soldiers, modern weapons and war vehicles to fend off attacks and also win the wars. Word Count: 2086 ?? ?? ?? ?? Syedul Miah - 1 - ...read more.

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